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Oct 5, 2008 07:54 AM

What's missing from my Paris itinerary?

My apologies to anyone who has answered one of my two previous, way more specific posts. Let me try it this way.

Below is my itinerary for a Paris trip coming up in late October. I have an assortment of old-school and new-school, but I want to make sure I don't have too much of the same, and I feel like I'm missing the lively, trendy bistros that are full of Parisians as opposed to culinary temples. Can you help?

I'm only a little bit interested in hearing if I have some duds (these are all places I have been wanting to try---i.e., I'm sure there are various opinions as to which 3-stars are better than these---though please speak up if I'm truly headed for disaster...). I'm more interested in having someone look at this lineup and advise that, "Hey---you're kinda lacking in the 'fun oyster bar' department; these are all stuffy. Maybe try X restaurant." Or some such. Plus any other lunches woirth planning ahead for---or even cocktail or wine bars where I'd need a reservation?

I could easily swap out something. And I need a Wednesday and maybe a Friday (if I don't hear back from Senderens tomorrow).

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Le Dome

Overnight in Amsterdam (going to Van de Kaart for dinner)

Le Sensing

LUNCH: Le Meurice
DINNER: Nothing booked yet (Le Baratin? Le Chateaubriand? Ze Kitchen Galerie?)


LUNCH: Jules Verne (this is a request of someone in my party; should be fun at least...!)
DINNER: E-mail out to Senderens

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  1. Only thing l see missing is alka seltzer. Looks like too much, but you may be capable. Please read Souphie's and my post regarding a recent trip we took to Senderans and form your own opinion. Went to lunch at La Baratin two weeks ago and while food was very carefully prepared, was very simple in a VERY simple place, not boisterous at all and very small. Food was excellent there but any decent cook could do the same themselves. Was inexpensive. My old Fav is Chez Denise if you want boisterous and new fav Chez L'Ami Jean if you want a little less boisterous. Both tight, but CLJ more so. Will be at both of them the week of the 12-19.For something charming and different Huiterie Regis right at the Mabillon, ligne 10, metro stop has great oysters and a glass of muscadet. Nice people, helpful, fun, place really tiny

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Any hints on getting a res at CLJ? I tried calling every hour for about 12 hours, and always busy. Then...not busy and no answer.

      Update: I've got Ze Kitchen Galerie on Wednesday and Senderens as a backup for Friday, but I'm going to keep trying for Chez L'Ami Jean.

      We're in Paris 10/17-25.

      1. re: wittlejosh

        When I called to make my reservation there, I called right at 7 PM Paris time which is when they open for dinner. The line was busy but then I called right back and got through. I had tried mid-afternoon Paris time but found they don't answer the phone when they are closed between lunch and dinner.

        1. re: wittlejosh

          CLJ is usually simple to book, check the number and keep trying. Not certain why you are like warm on Jules Verne it's reputation has got a lot stronger since Ducasse took over (and it isn't cheap).

          You need to include CLJ or Le Regalade in your options, my criticism of your list is that it is a bit samey, mostly high end 2/3 star restaurants. Get into CLJ and also drop ZKG in favour of Le Regalade. In my experience ZKG is very overrated and won't show well against the others on your list.

          1. re: PhilD

            Glad to hear that Jules Verne isn't a throwaway (well...besides $$, that is...)! My other half insists on dining in the Tower, so all the more power to him.

            Yeah, that's what I suspected. I will take your advice on ZKG and keep trying for the CLJ res. Should I swap out any of my starrier choices for one of a different style (i.e., Le Meurice lunch for something more avant-garde of the same ilk)?

            It's nice to be in the position of HAVING the reservations; now I can mold the list a little more strategically without worry.

            Keep it coming!

            1. re: wittlejosh

              Chez L'Ami Jean for Friday! Au revoir, Senderens...

              1. re: wittlejosh

                No matter what DCM says, you should save a spot for desserts with wine at Senderens. It's worth it.

                1. re: souphie

                  Thanks for the advice. WIll do.

                  I've now dropped ZKG in favor of a wild card Wednesday wine night at Il Vino d'Enrico Bernard, which I saw in Gourmet. And added a La Regalade lunch.