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Oct 5, 2008 07:41 AM

Russian Tea Room

My husband is taking me to NYC for my 30th birthday...he made reservations at the Russian Tea Room for dinner. Is this a dinner place? I assumed a Tea Room would be about high tea...
Is it worth going, I imagine it's quite pricey and am wondering if New Yorkers think it's worth it.

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  1. In its day- 30+ years ago- the Russian Tea Room was a very special place. Lots of musicians and writers (it's accross the street from Carnegie Hall) hung out there . It served upscale Russian food- blinis with caviar, for example- unique in those days.
    Going there was a real treat.

    It's a completely different story today. Run, and I mean run, not walk someplace else. The Russian Tea Room today is a bad joke of its former self- truly awful food, kitschy decor with ridiculously expensive prices. It is the true definition of a tourist trap.

    1. I completely agree with Ann900. Go anywhere else but there. Try to choose a neighborhood and then use or this Manhattan board to do a search.

      1. Not what it used to be-beautiful space and you may end up with a decent meal despite all the naysayers-btw if u go-please report back!!!

        1. You must do some research on this very famous place, I think you will be pleased to be at a piece of New York history. Personally I like the place today even though I was a regular 30 years ago

          1. you might find the reviews, posted on this link below, helpful.