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Oct 5, 2008 06:39 AM

Re-baking Banana Bread?

I got up early this morning to make a banana bread for my son who was leaving shortly after breakfast. In my haste to have it ready, it seems that I took it out of the oven too soon (when I put the skewer in to test it, I thought that the gooeyness was from the chocolate chips). The first slice was fine, but when I later went to slice it up for freezing, I realized that the top had collapsed and that the second slice revealed uncooked batter. Has anyone ever tried putting a quick bread back in the oven to re-bake? I am wondering what to do...

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  1. I have never trid it, but I imagine that it wouldn't work very well. Any reaction by the baking powder will be long over and as you said the top had collapsed, so you have lost all your air bubbles. Putting it back in the oven might cook the uncooked batter, but it would end up pretty dense.

    1. Your initial cooking process involved cooking the cake from the outside in; the outside gets heat more quickly than the inside. That means that putting the "finished" but under-baked cake back into the oven will overcook the outside while the rest of the cake is getting hot enough to set the under-done center. You wouldn't like the finished result. Sometimes, depending on how under-done the center is, you can get a fairly good result using the microwave with a beaker of water in the microwave along with the under-baked cake to maintain some of the moisture that the outside of the cake might lose in the process. But it's touch and go and the timing is critical withing degrees of seconds.
      That said; nuke it and set the center. You can always dowse it with a liquor syrup or other moistening agent (a nice chardonnay syrup might be welcome) to make it palatable.

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        Dear Todao. Thanks for the idea of nuking it. I made the same mistake, and now, even though it isn't the same fluffy texture, the center at least is set. Now it can going into my stomach rather than the trash. Thanks again.