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Oct 5, 2008 06:10 AM

Lively, bustling Paris eatery with great food?

Headed to Paris in a few weeks, with a serious lineup that includes Arpege, Joel Robuchon, Sensing, Meurice, Le Dome (for the butter wth the side of sole!), and more.

What the itinerary missing is a place (for the last night, a Friday) that feels really urban and lively---not just for gastronomic pilgrims seeking to become one with the meal, but a loud, bustling, Parisian atmosphere where the food is also excellent. Probably a step up from a brasserie.

Know what I mean? I could take a stab at it looking at old postings and various online sources, but "lively vibes" tend to change like crazy. If I had a hip buddy who lived in Paris, I'd ask him or her, but I lack that.

Any thoughts?

Is Le Baratin what I'm looking for? Chateaubriand? Something totally, totally different? Don't mind hitting one of the outer arondissements, if necessary.

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  1. A lot of choices, but La Regalade would be top of my list (14th arr). Meets all of your criteria, prices are very reasonable, food is excellent. I also very much enjoyed Le Troquet (on Rue Bonvin, 15arr).

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      Lunch at Le Troquet last week, was not wowed, second time there, was not wowed last time as well. Soup was like water and barely warm, colvert (wild duck) was good. Vanilla souffle for 17€ was small too sweet and amateurish, entrecote was thin, tough and greasy, but ok as for one they usually are t,t,g

    2. On our last trip in the summer we tried "Itinéraires" (5, Rue Pontoise) which had recently opened. It was very busy, and had atmosphere, definitely an opening to be seen at - lots of super trendy locals.

      Our food was OK, personally I wouldn't rush back, but the chef and FOH's previous restaurant was "Le Temp au Temps" which had a stellar reputation, so maybe we simply saw teething troubles. Has anyone else tried it since July this year?