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Oct 5, 2008 04:52 AM

Clarification of bugs/foreign objects rule


Hi moderators,

I had a post removed because I wrote about two restaurants in which I found bugs/foreign objects during my meal. I received a note saying this wasn't allowed.

I posted later and said that I had had a bad experience yesterday, and mentioned what had happened but didn't list the restaurants or even imply which restaurants it might have been. This post, too, was removed and I received no notification or explanation.

I'm confused--from the email I received I thought one couldn't discuss cooties/germs/bugs, etc. in reference to specific restaurants, so I don't understand why my second post was removed.

Can you please clarify this rule?


  1. As you stated, we don't permit discussion of bugs, etc. found in specific restaurants (unless they are meant to be eaten!). Since our regional boards are dedicated to where to find great chow, just mentioning that you encountered such problems at unnamed restaurants doesn't help anyone eat better now, and will just prompt the question about the places where you saw bugs, which is why we removed it.

    Here's a link to a brief explanation of our policy:

    You may also find this post, about removed posts, helpful in the future: