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Oct 5, 2008 03:23 AM

Any good sushi in town??

Just moved to Austin and am looking for a nice, moderately priced sushi joint. It's for my birthday so I would prefer the place to have a nice ambiance, possibly downtown. Ive gone to a couple places in town and have been pretty disappointed with the food. Help!

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  1. What price range?

    What places did you try and were disappointed?

    I think most people would agree that Uchi and Musashino are the best in Austin, but you mention moderately priced, so what price range?

    1. Musashino
      Uchi has good fusion but their sushi is only so-so

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      1. re: pwang

        I strongly disagree that Uchi's sushi is so-so...I've never been to Japan, but have had excellent sushi in San Francisco, and I would say Uchi's hamachi (by which I usually judge sushi) is better than any I've ever had--I do agree with Musashino and Tomo though.

        If you're looking for "budget sushi" there are numerous options; I tend to go to either Korea House or Korea Garden for the latter, ordering some sushi and some Korean food at the same time.

      2. do a "search this board" for sushi.
        This topic has been thoroughly discussed.

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          Korea Garden, good pricing and selection, agreed about Korean food at same time. Uchi is okay loud music, haven't been to Musashino, but hear that it's excellent. It's probably too late for your birthday, and I know 6th is played out, but I used to go to Maiko Sushi Lounge on 6th before celebrating, haven't been in a bit so things may have changed... As with Uchi it can get a little loud, but the food and prices are decent and it's close to the street of celebration. Convenient if nothing else.