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Oct 5, 2008 12:35 AM

Where to get lobster in OC?

Where can I find good lobster in Middle or South Orange County that is reasonably priced? I know I can go to some of the high priced steak and lobster houses, and maybe that's the place for quality lobster, but are there any places that are both reasonable in price and serve high quality lobsters?

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  1. Are you particular in what style the lobster is cooked? There are many Chinese and Vietnamese/Chinese restaurants that are really reasonable and quite tasty. You can do a search to find the many various places in OC.

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      I'm really interested in whole lobster, rather than, say, lobster in lobster sauce or black bean sauce. Thanks for the response.

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        If you go to one of the asian places, you can also get it served whole, plain steamed with melted butter. I don't prefer it that way, but if that's how you like it. Price varies over the season, I think it's running $13/pound or so right now? Of course, the ambiance won't be the same eating your fine steamed lobster inside an typical asian restaurant.

        Are you looking for something like Red Lobster with quality lobster? And I'm assuming Maine, and not pacific spiny lobster?

        1. re: kingkong5

          I agree with this rec. Go to a Cantonese seafood restaurant and ask for it whole, steamed, American style. Odds are good they won't overcook them, either. Places like Newport Seafood and even China Garden move a lot of lobster, so chances are good that you'll get fresh stock.

          Because their usual prep is to cut in pieces and serve one lobster per table, the Chinese seafood houses tend to carry larger specimens (4+ pounders) rather than the 1.5 - 2 pounders like Red Lobster. That may or may not work for your situation.

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            Just to clarify for those who might not know, Newport Seafood isn't Catonese and they don't serve the lobster steamed. But, their lobster dish is still one of the best dishes in OC.

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              You're right about NS not being Cantonese, my error in not clarifying. It's Teochew.

              I know they don't steam lobster as a menu item, in fact most Chinese places don't make it American style. That's sort of the point of kingkong5 and my posts. Most of them will do it by request, though it might take a little wheedling with the floor manager.

    2. How about Mccormick and Schmict's? Not sure on price but a phone call should get you that info.

      1. Tis the season for California spiny lobsters caught off our coast. October is the start of the season and the month in which most spiny lobsters are trapped. Things drop off month by month until February or so.

        Bluewater Grill (Newport Beach and several other OC locations) and, I'm sure, other restaurants, feature these lobsters starting about now. Bluewater does them in the Puerto Nuevo style, cut in half and fried. Yum. Don't know what their prices are this year, but last year $30 would get you a good sized lobster.