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Oct 4, 2008 08:15 PM

Grains of Paradise from Surfas [moved from L.A. boad]

Went to Surfa's in Culver City today expressly for the purpose of buying a jar of Grains of Paradise, because apparently they're the only place in the city that carries this spice.

Came home, opened it up, and I swear that what I'm holding in my hand is black cardamon (cardamom) seed. Not ever having had Grains of Paradise, I can't say for certain that I got ripped off here, but I feel about 95% sure now, having spent the better part of an hour looking at pictures of the two spices online.

Can anyone who's had both of them tell me how to know for certain which it is? These are little black and grey mouse-turd looking things, with little crinkles like an armadillo, and not the red-brown wrinkled popcorn-looking spheres that most of the descriptions of GoP led me to believe I'd be getting.

Alternatively, has anyone bought this recently (or ever) from Surfa's who also knows for a fact they're selling cardamon seed erroneously labeled as Grains of Paradise? It's the Surfa's house-brand, in a 6 oz. plastic screwtop jar.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cardamom seed-looking is about right.

      See also images via Google:

      1. Have you checked around at any beer-making supply companies? I'm here in San Francisco and while local gourmet shops don't carry Grains of Paradise, the beer-making shops do...