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Oct 4, 2008 08:06 PM

Time for Crabs

Okay crab lovers, now is the time for crabs. October is probably the best month for eating crabs as they fatten up for winter. I picked up a half bushel at the Orleans Street Blue Point for $75. Very nice.

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  1. Actually, around here, the months that end with "r" means oyster time.

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    1. re: Chownut

      R may mean oysters but; the very best crabs are now; like jfish said, fat and I may add prices are way down.
      If you want to cook your crabs try Mel's-they are wonderful.

      1. re: cappie

        Well, they're .99/lb this week at H Market.

        I've purchased some recently and they weren't all that.

        Most of the big ones were caught and sold immediately a long time ago. Crabs aren't allowed to flourish and live and get fat as you would think.

      2. re: Chownut

        well oysters and crabs are apples and oranges here on da Bay! Nevertheless, Oct & Nov are great for both!!!! Bonus for us is that crab prices usually drop in Oct... but maybe not this year.

      3. Frank's Seafood in Jessup has bushels of nice and fat #1 males.

          1. re: hon

            Crabcakes? I am thinking a trip to Koco's Pub ;)