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Oct 4, 2008 07:36 PM

So what's new and not to be missed?

We'll be making our annual trip to Montreal the end of November and if all goes well, we'll have a week to catch up on the restaurant scene. Friday our group will be gathering at APDC and Saturday we'll be hosting a party at Le Margaux on Park, so they're covered. That should leave us 5 nights to see what's new (or hit some old favs). Food is more important than price, but we usually want only one HIGH end restaurant per trip.... Are there any new (2008) restaurants that shouldn't be missed or old restaurants that have improved?

Also, what's the status of Limon on Notre Dame? We ate there not long after it opened, and loved it. We returned a year later, and the chef had left. The meal was fair at best. They had informed us they were expecting a new chef. Did one ever arrive? Is it worth a visit again?

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  1. Hiya, for an extensive list of what's opened so far this year, check out this thread:

    Restaurant Openings - 2008

    If you see a particular resto that intrigues you, plug its name into the search box above and you may find other threads where it's discussed in more detail.

    Have a great trip!