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Oct 4, 2008 06:53 PM

Options Near Millenium Biltmore Hotel?

I am gong to be in LA in a few weeks for my wife's reunion. We are staying at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel and was wondering if there are going good Chow approved places close by? Any recommendations would be most appreciated by this phoenician Chowhounder.


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  1. So many choices so close by. In the same building is the Water Grill, one of the top seafood restaurants in town. Close by is also Ciudad. Head over to Little Tokyo and hit Izayoi or Sushi Gen.

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      Thank you for the response! I am not very familiar with downtown LA. How is Engine Co # 28 Restaurant‎? A friend of mine recommended it.

      1. re: Random987

        engine co. is ok. cafe pinot is closer and better imo (a block west i think). water grill is the obvious choice, though i'm not a huge fan. i've had mixed but mostly positive experiences with room service in the hotel--i remember really loving their grilled chicken sandwich with fries for lunch. for pub food and a large whiskey selection, casey's is a block south down grand. for a good beer selection, there's weilands a block west (food is tolerable at best). and you would be remiss not to go to the beautiful, spacious gallery bar downstairs for a good drink and some complementary mixed nuts.

        can't say i'm enthusiastic about any restaurants downtown except the sushi places in little tokyo (a bit far to walk, through some nasty, somewhat scary places).

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          There are some good things on the menu at Engine Co, and I like the atmosphere. Someone below mentioned Roy's, and I have to say I love the food there. I am not a fan of the dining room at this location, and usually eat at the bar. Decent wine list and good cocktails, very good food. Aventinus below mentioned Little Tokyo, which is where I eat most often. Grab a taxi and head over there. It's a lvoely and safe neighborhood for a stroll, good people watching and there are some GREAT restaurants there. The two I mentioned above, and stop by Tapas and Wine Bar C in Honda Plaza for a drink and an interesting experience. Good place to watch Monday night football. Casey's is another likely spot mentioned in the thread, a pub but very reputable pub food. Again, get in a taxi and go to the Biscuit Lofts to try the new Church and State (just opened and ironing out some problems in the menu but I love the atmosphere) or go across the street to Royal Claytons for more upscale pub food.

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            i'm also a big fan of roy's. i like the food at roy's more than that at water grill, though water grill, obviously, is more impressive.

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          I love Sushi Gen!!! I would also try to get a Dim Sum lunch in China Town... I forgot the name of the huge place that is in on the second story of a shopping center.... Also the art galleries are fun on Chung King road..

        3. Under a mile to Roy's for Hawaiian fusion food. They have a $35 prixe fixe meal with starter, main and dessert that is a good deal.

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            Thanks. Quite familiar with Roy's. Very good food for a chain. Was a regular in Vegas and went a few times in Scottsdale.

          2. Not for fine dining, but for great chow, during the daytime walk up to the Grand Central Market. It's between Broadway and Hill at Third. Great food stalls. Try Sarita's pupusas, anamarie's tacos, Roast to Go tacos.....

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              i always end up at the persian place, which is pretty good and recommended. it's my favorite persian food downtown.

            2. Cicada is right down the street on Olive. good food and a very beautiful room.

              1. You didn't indicate how long you'll be here, or whether it's during the week or weekend, or what meals you'll be needing. In addition to the various fine recommendations above, if you're here on a Wednesday, there's a farmers' market on 5th street between grand & flower (walk out of the hotel & you're there), which features several food vendors in addition to the produce. A fun lunch on a pleasant day is to pick up something and head over to the area in front of the library (also on 5th) and enjoy. There are bacon-wrapped hot dogs, greek & middle eastern food, peruvian saltados, and other delectable delights.

                Another lunchtime favorite is the burger at Arnie Morton's (7th & Fig). Only served at lunch, it's a seriously amazing burger (made with steak trimmings) cooked to order with your choice of cheese, bacon or sauteed mushrooms, and served with fries, and it's only $14. Their cocktails are also reasonably priced (Maker's Mark sour is $7.50). Big comfy booths. Professional waitstaff.

                For breakfast, there's always the Pantry, a total greasy spoon dive which has many lovers and many haters. It's open 24/7, and has been around forever. Get the ham & cheese omelette & grilled sourdough. You won't need to eat for another week. Well, I'm exaggerating, but it's a heck of a breakfast. 9th & Figueroa.

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                1. re: Jack Flash

                  Thanks! We are going to be there for the weekend, Friday day through Sunday. The farmer's market sounds great. My wife loves those things. Arnie Morton's sounds like it is up my alley.

                  1. re: Random987

                    Walk a half block west down 5th street to the series of staircases on the right. Take them up the hill and you'll find McCormick and Schmidt in the US Bank Building, and Nic & Stef's Steakhouse in the Wells Fargo center. And if you're there at lunch time or early afternoon on Friday, there is a farmers market adjacent to the Bank of America building right across the street from the Wells Fargo center on Fridays.

                    Or, instead of the stairs, keep going down 5th another half block and you'll come to Cafe Pinot on the left. Cross the street and on the right is the Bonnaventure hotel... Mandarin West in the hotel has some pretty decent Chinese food.

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                      Also, located in the Wilshire Grand at the corner of Figueroa and 7th is Kyoto, a hidden and not much talked about Japanese gem. We stayed at the Wilshire Grand for a couple nights when our house was being de-rodented. Kyoto was surprsingly awesome. Closer than Little Tokyo to the Biltmore,