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Oct 4, 2008 06:44 PM

Asian Pearl, Fremont report on dim sum w/ pics

Asian Pearl is pretty good for dim sum though it's also more pricey too. This place has been open since Sept 7, 2008 so lots of people know about it already.

On their business card they have other places listed on the back: Asian Pearl in Richmond & Millbrae; The Kitchen in Millbrae; New Canton in Sacramento; Macau Cafe in Richmond & Sacramento.

It was pretty crowded at 11:30-11:45 so if you don't like crowds go Early. They open at 10AM on Weekends.

They ask what kind of tea do you want: I just said Jasmine.

Things we tried:

pork pan-fried buns - ok
steamed shrimp dumplings - ok $4.2
chicken feet - good. $6
bbq pork rice noodles - good. $4.20
chow fun noodles -good
beef meatball $2.8, springy, meaty. I liked it ok.
chinese broccoli $6 - I didn't try it, too hard to eat for me - why do they cut it so long?
salt & pepper fried calamari $6 - i didn't try it. Others liked it, hubby didn't.
pan fried chive turnover (2 pcs though cut into 4) $3.5 - Skip it, too greasy, it's just a chive & egg pancake but not good.
black sesame mochi dessert $3.5 - good, not great.
siu mai - shrimp dumplings w/ mushrooms - Awesome. $4.2 x 2 orders
egg custard tarts - 3 in an order - didn't try.

Separate bathrooms - women's was clean & fancy looking.

Main dining room is huge w/ another room in the corner & side dining area. We sat in a back room to the Left of the main dining room - not very good there because the main dining seems to get the food first, but spacious.

small: 2.80
Medium: 3.5
lg $4.2
kitchen $6

deluxe shark's fins set dinner $368 for 10pp/ $188 for 5 pp limit 4 tables
deluxe abalone set dinner $428 for 10pp; $230 for 5 pp limit 6 tables
abalone, lobster, shark's fins set dinner $488 for 10 pp; $255 for 5 pp limit 8 tables
abalone, shark's fins, bird's nest set dinner $568 for 10pp; $288 for 5pp
deluxe abalone, shark's fins, bird's nest set dinner $698 for 10; $358 for 5pp
Super deluxe dinner set $888 for 10; $450 for 5pp
Royal dinner set $1280 for 10pp (please order in advance)

M-F 11-2:30; 5-10p
Sat&Sun: 10am-2:30p; 5-10p


My pics:

Fremont Asian Pearl
43635 Boscell Rd, Fremont, CA 94538

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  1. Thanks for your report and photos, hhc! It looks good overall. How long was your wait at 11:30ish? Is it in some sort of strip mall? Anything else of chowish nature in the vicinity?

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      We got there by 11:25 or so, got a number and waited only about 10 minutes. Best to wait inside since they don't have a loudspeaker to hear the numbers outside.

      It's in a new shopping center behind the Fremont Costco on Boscell Rd. Lots of Chinese restaurants in that area. I've reviewed 2 previously & still there some dessert places & a few others I haven't eaten yet:

      Spicy Town:


      Food Talk Cafe:

      1. re: hhc

        Thanks for those links, hhc. That area looks worth visiting. Then I can finally check out "Little Kabul" in Fremont as well...

    2. Five of us came here for dim sum today. We arrived at 11:20 and were seated immediately; by the time we left an hour later, the wait looked prohibitively long to me.

      We have fairly conservative tastes in dim sum, so we mostly ordered the usual stuff. I'm a semi-regular at the Richmond Asian Pearl, and the experience here was pretty similar: quality dishes, a bit more expensive than your average dim sum place, although often a bit larger as well. At Fremont, the highs seemed a little higher and the lows seemed a little lower. Today's siu mai were up with the best I've had, with, to me, a spot-on pork, shrimp and mushroom balance and plenty of juiciness. On the other hand, the har gau, which can be problematic at Richmond, were, to me, complete duds here: big globs of shrimp, wrapped thinly but without the care required to prevent breakage. The shrimp was much more enjoyable in cheung fun form. Of the rest, chicken feet and white tripe were very good; beef balls, tofu fa, and daikon cake were respectable. There was also some meat dumpling with nuts in it that was of interest. Fried tofu wasn't too exciting; also, it somehow was one of the more expensive items. Given the looks of the wu gok that went past, maybe it wasn't a good day for deep-fried stuff.

      Service was good by dim sum standards, in that staff were very helpful once you managed to get their attention. Bill was $65 for 15 dishes before tip.

      For reference and transparency, here are my 2009 Bay Area dim sum rankings (everywhere I've been to this year except places in Berkeley -- because on the occasions I have dim sum in Berkeley, I need to forget the places below exist -- and in each case except Asian Pearl Richmond and Legendary Palace, based on a single visit):

      1. Koi Palace, Daly City
      2. Asian Pearl, Richmond
      3. Asian Pearl, Fremont
      4. Great Eastern, San Francisco
      5. Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Millbrae
      6. Hong Kong East Ocean, Emeryville
      7. East Ocean Seafood, Alameda
      8. Legendary Palace, Oakland

      Fremont Asian Pearl
      43635 Boscell Rd, Fremont, CA 94538