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Oct 4, 2008 05:38 PM

Benny's Pizza Store in Brooklyn- Under new management?

Benny's Pizza in Brooklyn, NY, on the corner of East 18th Street and Avenue M; Has it been taken over by someone else? It looks so different. I was just passing by the other day and couldn't believe it.
I haven't eaten in Benny's ever since they switched over from Viva, which was quite some time ago. I had been at their "Grand Opening" which meant that they were giving away free slices. I had tried it and it had tasted spoiled.
I had also hear that people had said that it was not clean AT ALL.
So, if anyone has been there and eaten there lately, has it changed? Is the pizza good? And most importantly, is it CLEAN?

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  1. When was the change in management? Recently?

    All the times I've been there the food's been good- good sized portions, fresh mozzarella on the pizza...

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      I drove by it today and noticed a new awning.. the posters in the window advertising lunch specials were the same. The inside didn't look any different than it did a month ago.. but I didn't get such a great look