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Oct 4, 2008 05:36 PM

Champagne Grape Pizza at Grandaisy

Have really been enjoying the season's speciality "pizza" from Grandaisy on the UWS lately. It has a superbly chewy crust and is covered with fresh champagne grapes, fennel seeds and a drizzle of olive oil. I know it sounds kind of funcky, but it really is incredible. Cut into little slics and served with some cheese its an exceptional app with drinks. My current favorite yum. The signs say its going to have a limited run based on availability of the grapes. It also has a special Italien name which I've forgotten and I think its tied to an Italien festival/holiday. Anyway, I highly recommend checking this out while it lasts.

Surprised this hasn't been posted about yet - or if it has I missed it and apologies to all.

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    1. Well, grapes on pizza sounded pretty awful to me, but the way almondine describesit it sounds pretty good. Never say never, and Learn from Others.

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      1. re: EWSflash

        Grandaisy's pizzas aren't quite pizzas--more like flatbreads w/toppings.

        1. re: Lucia

          i think they are know as "Roman-style pizzas".

      2. Its back! Had my first (and second) slice yesterday. Still unbeleiveable. Proper name is schiacciata d'uva (see link below for info and photo). Amazing with a hunk of blue cheese and a glass of port for dessert. Strongly recommend all to try if you can hit a Grandaisy easily. The one on 72nd Street still had plenty around 6 PM yesterday. Its usually around for a month or so during the early fall.

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          1. re: Almondine

            tried a free sample last week. DIVINE!

            1. re: Almondine

              Oh, that sounds like such a wonderful way of eating it! I have to admit that I wasn't too crazy about the schiacciata d'uva on its own. I could eat a couple of bites and then it got monotonous. But the blue cheese and port combo sounds so good!

              1. re: Miss Needle

                It's the bomb with some Monte Enebro and a glass of Verdejo too...

              2. re: Almondine

                I'm drooling...and assuming you paired the blue and port on your own?


              3. I have been eating it every week. I love the fennel and grape combo and pair it with some Greek yogurt and honey.