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Oct 4, 2008 03:19 PM

The Best Cookware stores in America

I will be driving through the states and want to pick up some good quality cookware. I will be checking out Sur la table and Williams Sonoma and need other recommendations. I need somewhere that sells everything for good prices. Thanks

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  1. The two that you have mentioned are usually the most expensive. What are you looking for and maybe we can narrow it down for you.

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    1. re: Grillncook

      squeeze bottles
      Iron Tortilla press larger size
      pizza stone
      all purpose towels
      stainless steel bowls
      stock pot 16 quart
      Kettle, Electric
      coffee grinder

      1. re: mlukan

        In New York City, we have Zabars. They will have all of these things at what will likely be the best prices you'll find anywhere outside of restaurant supply stores. If you go down to the Bowery, you will find a horde of said restaurant supply stores, which are less pleasant to shop in, but will also have low prices.

        1. re: pothead

          I also recommend Zabar's and also S. Feldman Housewares at 92nd and Madison Avenue. I always check both those places. I know some people go down to the Bowery, but I've found the shops to be less well laid out, and the staff to be a little surly.

          But a lot of the things you want can be purchased very inexpensively at Home Goods or a T.J. Maxx. These are chains (owned by the same company) with outlets in most major suburban areas.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            T.J Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods are fantastic places to get great kitchen equipment at very low prices, but you never know what will be available on any given day. (Although out of the three, I usually have very good luck walking into a Home Goods store and finding exactly what I need when I need it.)

            1. re: flourgirl

              Target and WalMart have cheap and good: squeeze bottles, tortilla press, pizza stone, toaster, all purpose towels, stainless steel bowls, stock pot 16 quart, kettle, electric, and coffee grinder - as the OP is seeking.

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                Target has a lot of this stuff available online. But in my experience here in central NJ (which I was careful to mention in my other post here that you are obviously responding to), the selection in the housewares section in the brick and mortar stores can be very limited, depending on location. Wal Mart might be a better choice.

                It's also worth noting that while the OP mentioned good prices, the OP also mentioned Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. Generally speaking, you are not going to find the same quality when you compare similar items from stores like Target and Wal-mart to Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. But you CAN find the same quality in stores like Home Goods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx.

                1. re: flourgirl

                  Yes, yes, quite right on all counts. And I was responding to your other post. I cook all the time and rarely eat out other than when traveling. My cookware takes a beating; but I cannot see the value in marginally higher quality at hugely greater prices. Although I'm sure that Home Goods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx are the places to go, my shopping in the US is always super restricted in terms of time. Last I went to TJ Maxx, the selection just wasn't there. So, its usually the bus from LA layover hotel down Century (or Centennial, can't remember which) to Target, purchase 20 things, across the parking lot to the Latino market for more stuff, and across the street to the grocery store in an hour or two max, and back - and eventually home to Colombia.

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    2. Honestly, its often a better deal to get things sent to you. is the place I purchase kitchen items/cookware most often. Especially for the kinds of things you listed that you'll be looking for on this trip. T.J. Maxx (and Marshall's) is also a good suggestion

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        1. re: ccbweb

          they don't ship most stuff out of the country. i'm in canada and can't get much of anything shipped from

        2. For that kind of stuff I would be looking at the large outlet stores. Just about everything on the list you can find at the outlet malls that dot the highways around the US. The Kitchen Collection, Corning Ware, Le Gourmet Chef, those type places. The tortilla press you'll have to wait until you you get to the southern and western parts of the states to find,

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          1. re: Grillncook

            You can find authentic, reasonably priced tortilla presses in many grocery stores in neighborhoods that have sizable Mexican populations. There are many of those in the eastern part of the country, including my neck of the woods, southeastern PA.

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Ilike WalMart far more than Target. Target charged me a restocking fee for returning damaged merchandise, then wouldn't give me cash back, despite my reciept. Insisted I accept an instore credit. Since then I haven;t been inside one!

              I also like Shipping prices are good, sometimes free, and a wide selection. The only thing you have to pay close attention to is how much something is discounted. Some discounts are really deep, others disappointing.

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                Overall, I've rarely been impressed with the quality of the kitchenware at Target, at least here in New Jersey. Target and Wal Mart are good places for things like cheap kitchen towels, storage containers etc. But there is much better kitchenware available at better prices at the stores like Home Goods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx, as well as on Amazon and BUT, both Target and Wal Mart carry a lot of relatively inexpensive small electric appliances (like toasters) so these stores may be a good place to shop for those items.

              2. If by any chance you might be heading down to McAllen, Texas, I love Mellissa Guerra's. It's a great shop for all sorts of Mexican cooking gadgets. It would be a good place to get a tortilla press, although I think they mainly carry aluminum (which I prefer, since the cast iron one are almost always painted with who knows what kind of paint...). I always go by and drool over the molcajetes, only to decide that I really won't like carrying an extra 30 pounds of rock on the airplane back home.

                Of course, I suspect that McAllen's not on your route, but you never know.