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Oct 4, 2008 02:51 PM

Grilltime - Laird Drive

I was driving down Laird Drive and stopped into Starbucks for a tall bold.
I was waiting for a new store to open up beside it called Grilltime and I noticed the doors open and a few customers milling about.
An interesting concept here. You can purchase your meat (Pork Chop, Chicken, Steaks etc.) and take it home to grill OR..... they will start the grilling process and you take it home to finish or... they completely cook it for you.
Lots and lots of rubs, dips, marinades etc. to choose from.
Some of the meat they sell is frozen however some is not and is cryo packed.
I picked up a couple of Rib eyes to grill from scratch this evening and they are very nicely marbeled. On the way out, the guy at the grill asked if we were going to use a marinade on the steaks. Normally I never marinade a steak. He gave us a sample of a marinade to try. It is a balsamic/maple that I am supposed to leave it in for 10 minutes on one side and then 10 on the other side. Should be interesting. I will let everyone know how this turns out. Again, interesting concept and it might work in the area as the meat is somewhat high-end. Just hope they don't freeze everything.


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  1. Said I would report back so here goes:
    I did the marinade step, as per their suggestion, and cooked to my version of utopia which is "done" on the outside and rare on the inside (but not too bloody).
    The amount of marinade was just enough to place a thin pool on the bottom of the dish the steaks were sitting in, they weren't swimming in it.
    The marinade darkened the steak colour on the outside so I had to watch my time on the grill rather than going by sight like I normally do.
    The final version was very, very good.
    I was skeptical on how they would turn out, and with a good cut of steak, it was almost a sacrilege for me to use anything other than salt and pepper.
    The hint of Maple throughout the steak was very enjoyable and a nice change from the normal, I would do this again and maybe even will be checking out some of the other rubs they have. Having someone else cook it for me and take it home to eat is interesting and might appeal to apartment and condo owners that don't have that opportunity to BBQ at home, as there is no extra charge for them cooking it on their premises.... also, maybe an opportunity to have a BBQ steak in the middle of winter without standing outside in a parka, like I tend to do myself at times when the mood strikes me.
    I will be going back at some point and update.

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    1. re: Poorboy

      sounds good, I just drove by the place today. What were the prices like?

      1. re: hungryabbey

        Prices were a little steeper than I would normally pay.
        I paid $11.95 for each of a couple of 12oz Rib Eye steaks.
        I guess if you didn't have a grill at home, and they cooked them up to order, for no extra charge, it would be a good value.
        I don't know, I hope the concept flies. The wide range of grill condiments is intriguing.

        1. re: Poorboy

          Just one problem with this seemingly good idea: how would you expect to warm up the steaks at home while keeping the grilled flavour and not overcooking them or drying them out?

          I'm stumped!

          1. re: embee

            Interesting quandary. Perchance the business model is based on customers being local? Wrapped in foil for a few blocks is probably similar to the usual let it stand treatment.

            1. re: Snarf

              Hi there. I had a call over the weekend from a friend who is a Chowhounder and he told me about the posts about Grilltime by Poorboy . Tonight I have logged on and I see a few more comments. I hope it's okay that I comment here on these posts and expand a little bit about my new business. We've just been open for two weeks and appreciate feedback and suggestions on products and services.

              To the most recent posts, the service of grilling the fresh meats and fish is ideally suited to local people for take home immediate consumption. It is intended as a convenience for people in the area. Of all of the products fish handles the best seared and seasoned with finishing some time later. Steak cannot really be reheated without compromising quality. Having said that I do enjoy a medium rare seasoned quality steak at room temperature with a warm flavourful demi glace. Perfect in January for a fairweather griller like me. Use of the in store grill will expand in the near future to include more sampling, cooking demos and hopefully some chef appearances.

              With the exception of one steak, all of our steaks, chicken, pork and fish come fresh vacuum packed from Macgregors Meats and Seafood. Macgregors is a reputable federally inspected supplier of quality meats and seafood to many restaurants and retailers across the city. The one steak that we buy frozen is sold as frozen. The other frozen items (shrimp, scallops, calamari, ribs and tenderloin pieces) were chosen for quality and convenience.

              I appreciate Poorboy's candid comments about the products and the pricing.

              Again, I hope I'm not out of line by posting this comment to this thread. Thanks for your time.

              Andy Elder
              Grilltime Gourmet Meat Shop
              62 Laird Drive
              website coming soon

            2. re: embee

              Ziplock and an immersion circulator ;)

              1. re: embee


                I re-heat roast beef as well as left over steak in ziplock bags in a warm water bath around 115-120 degrees. It works really well.

              2. re: Poorboy

                hm I guess you're right.. if you dont have a grill, its good, but I could probably do that myself for cheaper. Ill report back if I try it.

          2. I just tried the steaks at Grilltime and I must say I was very, very happy! I live a few minutes away so having them grill the steaks and then taking them home to enjoy is such a great convenience to have. The meat was well marbled, the rub they used was very flavorful, and because I got my steaks fully cooked, $11 for a 12oz rib-eye was very good value for money! I got smaller (8oz) steaks for my sons and they were something like $6 each! For 2 12 oz ribeyes and 2 8oz sirloins, I paid $33. Not bad for a very good steak dinner.

            I can see many steak dinners in our future...

            1. Try their roast Mennnonite Chicken - i had it for about 10 guests last month and several of them commented it was the best chicken they had ever tasted. Just make sure Grilltime roasts it for you for pickup - reheating their existing stock dries it out.

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              1. re: Bernhardt

                I had their sirloin and filet mignon last night for the 5th or 6th time and loved it. I live in the neighborhood so it's convenient and enjoy their finishing sauces. Last winter my husband did get the steaks grilled at the store and brought them home (about an 8 minute car ride) and the steaks were great. We really enjoy the quality of their meat.

              2. Grilltime has got to be my favourite lunch spot. Healthy, great quality meats and they also have some of the best chilli I have tried. They have lunch between 11-3....and grill you choice cuts right in front of your eyes and also offer amazing and healthy sides of salad, quinoa, sweet potatoes.
                I suggest the steak sandwich or chicken sandwich, both are amazing.

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                1. re: andreasa

                  Personally speaking, I just don't get this concept. I thought the place was a joke and it amazes me it's lasted this long.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    It's in Leaside and people are willing to pay a lot for convenience. Although I live near to Grilltime, I haven't been. I occasionally shop at the deluxe Loblaws at Bayview and Moore and you'll see people there at 6pm, dropping $75 on a few things for dinner.

                2. We often get Grilltime's frozen ribs during bbq season. Quite tasty. They also have some delicious frozen mushroom & gruyere tartlets for hors d'ouevres. As stated above, convenient to have on hand. Andy is always friendly and helpful about all things barbecue.

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                  1. re: JamieK

                    Hmmm, okay now I'm intrigued. Next time I am by there I will stop in and try some of these tartlets you speak about jamiek.

                    We've really been enjoying Summerhill ribs lately so I am axnxious to try Andy's.