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Oct 4, 2008 02:44 PM

New to Carroll Gardens, what's good fellow hounds?

I've lived in alphabet city for years and finally made the move to brooklyn. It's my first night here and I know very little about my neighborhood's food options. Anything in or near Carroll Gardens particularly. Let me know your favorites, one foodie to another!

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  1. Welcome! This is a great food nabe. Of course this will all be subjective but here are some places I like: Mazzola's (192 Union Street (between Clinton St & Henry St) for coffee ( I like it mild, for a stronger roast go to D'Amico, 309 Court St (between Degraw St & Sackett St)) and baked rolls and breads (love the cranberry roll and the spinach bread). Lucali (575 Henry St) for pizza, Eton (205 Sackett St) for artisanal dumplings and Hawaiian shave ice, (both of those places get busy so you'll probably want to call ahead and do pick ups to go). Nine D is nice for local Thai (462 Court Street). People always rave about Frankie's 457 (457 Court St.) but I haven't been yet...
    You can also head to Smith Street's restaurant row for loads of options. I like Patois (255 Smith St) there, they have a good Sunday brunch deal (with all you can drink mimosas for $12) and Prix Fix on some weeknights. There a lot of places on Smith St. with similar deals and brunch too. Chestnut (271 Smith St) is yummy and impressed me with their homemade ice cream. Cubana Cafe (272 Smith Street) is always good. I like Casa Rosa (384 Court St.) and Fragole for Italian. Casa Rosa is more old school (lots of good food but slow service) and Fragole (394 Court St.) is more intimate and stylish with a smaller more upscale menu. In Cobble Hill on Atlantic Avenue you'll find many good Middle Eastern options and the store Sahadi's (187 Atlantic Ave) which you must check out. and Tazza. 311 Henry St. (I think technically in Bklyn Heights across Atlantic Ave,) is a great place for coffee, desserts, and sandwiches. I know I went out of the neighborhood here, but I think one of the pluses in Carroll Gardens is you're also so close to Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, and Red Hook which all have good places to check out. For shopping there are a lot of markets on Court St. like K& Y Fruit stand, Park Natural, a meat store, a fish market, etc. Good luck!

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      Also, on the chance you're checking this today, the Atlantic Antic is today, it's a huge street fair down Atlantic Ave. and a great chance to sample local foods. Here's the food map:

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        Some of my other favorites (I put Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill pretty interchangeably since they're so close to each other and kind of blur together):

        Saul (for a high end meal out more akin to manhattan)
        Boerum Hill Food Co (for Stumptown Coffee)
        Chance (for dim sum)
        Joe's Superette, 349 Smith Street (Proscuitto Balls / Arancini too)
        Sample (wine bar, cheese, meats)
        Char 4, Deity, or Clover Club (high end drinks)
        Damascus (pita, hummus, falafel)
        Paninoteca (similar to Inoteca or Ino in manhattan)

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          Thanks so much, all of this will get me started. I recently tried Frankies (since I live near by it), and can say my meal was excellent (Pork Bragiola Marinara). Other than Saul (Amazing) and Po (same as west village), that's all I really know about. Psyched to try all these things out.

          Any recommendations for healthy-focused cuisine? Particularly vegetables, meat dishes.

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            Hmm...there's a vegan place called Jill's on Court St. Have never been so can't comment on whether its good or bad.

            Chestnut tends to focus on heavily on local, organic ingredients (so does Applewood, which you should check out in Park Slope, a very easy subway ride away...and its better than most of what we have in our neighborhood, on par imo with Saul but more casual).

            We also have some very solid sushi places for healthier food. Esp Hibino on Henry nr Atlantic, Ki on Smith St,, and Osaka on Court St. And I recently had an entirely vegetarian (and excellent) assortment of small dishes at Lunetta, which is very similar to Frankies, since you liked that.

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              Welcome to the neighborhood. Another place to check out is Bocca Lupo, at Henry and Warren. This is a wine bar, with very good small plates (salads, soups, cheeses, panini, bruschetta, etc.). It's not a "health food" place per se, but it's definitely possible to make a meal of the lighter options.

          2. jill's on court street is excellent indeed. i am not a veggie or vegan, so i never really sought it out, but tried it at a friend's suggestion, and have eaten many a delicious raw organic vegan meal there now. its a tad on the pricey side, considering there isnt a huge amount of ambiance if you eat in, but i would highly recommend it.

            also for healthyish options, nectar on court as well has great salad, sandwich, wrap and smoothie options. all the good sushi places were mentioned by nehna - i'll add kyoto (not for eating in luxuries, delivery only) and cube to round out the good sushi options in the nabe. for chinese, i think szechuan garden on smith was a great addition and they do make a number of steamed light and healthier options, and i have been consistently impressed by the quality of shrimp and freshness of veggies there.

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              Agree totally on Szechuan Garden. And I forgot about Cube 63, I agree, its a great sushi place.

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                Another +1 for Szechuan Garden. My wife who Does Not Eat Chinese Food because of the MSG, testifies that they do not include MSG, and can't get enough of this place. Chengdu Wontons (not in soup, as an appetizer) are a highlight. Please send them some business, they always empty and I'm worried they'll go out of business.

              2. Here's a pretty good recent thread on the same topic:


                1. definitely try Lucali (pizza).
                  and zaytoons (middle eastern) is consistently delicious in my opinion and good for delivery.
                  there's a nice little wine bar on union, on the park slopeish edge of carroll gardens but i cant remember the name or the cross street. nice in the winter when they get the fireplace going.
                  and, if you want to check out your neighborneighborhood, al di la is worth the 15 minute walk.

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                    Oh yeah! Zaytoons had great hummus and pita.

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                      I think you're referring to Black Mountain? On Union and Hoyt? Agreed, its a lovely place, esp with the fireplace going.