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Oct 4, 2008 02:32 PM

Newport, RI

My wife and I are heading to Newport next weekend for a few days of R & R. We're hoping to receive restaurant recommendations for a full range of places: Bkfast, Lunch and Dinner, and while the $$$ places are easy to find, it would be great to hear about more moderate and interesting places. We especially love seafood. Thanks.

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  1. For breakfast, my favorites are the Atlantic Grill in Middletown, near 1st beach. We also like Norey's and Corner Cafe on Broadway. Also on Broadway, the Salvation Cafeis fun and not very expensive. I have only been there for dinner. Sardella's on Memorial is good.Tucker's Bistro on Broadway. I like the Mooring for Lunch.

    1. You will like Cafe Zelda and any meal at Castle Hill Inn.

      1. We really like Chelseas for breakfast. Its in Middletown, has a really hometown sort of vibe. (its one Aquidneck Ave) I would second the post about Tuckers...try their Thai nachos if you go!

        1. Don't miss Pasta Beach on Memorial for dinner. There's not too much in the way of seafood, but they do have a spectacular Vongole - both the white and red sauce are fantastic (I'm partial to the red). You won't be disappointed. The pumpkin ravioli is also fabulous. Agree with chaz on Castle Hill.

          1. cafe zelda on lower thames
            everyday gourmet (BYOB) on lower thames near momma luisa's- great sandwiches and dinner is very good

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              We second Tucker's and for good Mexican food, we like Perro Salado (Charles St.) in Newport.
              Belle's Cafe in the Newport Shipyard has good breakfasts.