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Oct 4, 2008 02:11 PM

Milt's Pit BBQ - Kyle

It's on the west side of I-35 just on the north edge of Kyle. Stopped on a whim on the way to San Marcos and wow, just wow. This is some good BBQ. All around. Everything was top notch.

I'm scared to admit it but I think this is the best brisket I've had in a couple of years. My previous favorite was John Mueller's on Manor.

The brisket had a nice thick pitch black crust, but very juicy and extremely tender. The sauce reminded me of south Texas sop sauce instead of BBQ sauce - a very very good thing. Nice bit of vinegar that complimented the meat but didn't make it taste like just sauce.

Sausage was very good. Touted to be "Lockhart" sausage but I thought it was better than that. Nice pop to casing and just enough grease to make you feel good.

The beans were the best I've had in the area. Period. Cooked with fatty brisket and some of the sauce. Very good and smokey.

The potato salad was very good. It looked like it was gonna be too wet for my taste but was very good. Mayonaise, onion, lots of pickles, some parsley. That's about it. One of the better potato salads in the area.

I really hope this wasn't just their one good day I happened to show up for. I was very impressed. I hope someone else can stop and see if it holds up another day.

For the record, my favorite BBQ places are/were Coopers, Southwest Market (defunct), John Muellers (defunct), and House Park.

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  1. Thanks for the points of reference - John Muellers was my favorite in town also. I think I know where I'm going this weekend! I'll report back. Love having a new place to try!

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      I wanted to post back, having been to Milt's twice now. The brisket is currently my favorite, John Mueller's being gone. The charred crust is very similar, though I wish there was more of it. The texture of the meat is unlike any brisket I've ever encountered - extremely tender, even on the lean cut of the brisket (not that I ordered it lean!). The flavor is not as smoky as it could be, but addicting nonetheless. I'm not crazy about the sauce. I'm not sure whether it's changed since the OP but I found it just sweet, not vinegary.

      We also tried the ribs, turkey breast, Lockhart sausage, and Polish sausage. The ribs were a little weird. I want to say the flavor was almost Asian. They were not very tender. My husband liked them, but I didn't. The turkey was tender and smoky. I enjoyed both kinds of sausage. The Lockhart version was very peppery. Love that. The Polish was more smoky and porky, less spicy. Both of the rings had popped and much of the fat had dripped out. This is the way I like to order it if there is a choice (dry sausage) but I didn't request it this way, so I'm not sure if they are all like that or it was just luck.

      For sides we have tried the potato salad and the beans. Both were good. I especially liked the beans, but I like them sweet rather than spicy and these were very sweet with chunks of meat in there. Also, I'm a sucker for peach cobbler which is on the menu and advertised as homemade. I ordered one ala mode (they dumped a single serving of HEB ice cream out of the cup on top). To me it tasted more like a peach cake than a cobbler. Kind of like they mixed a #10 can of peach pie filling with a couple of boxes of cake mix. My kids loved it but I couldn't get with it.

      I'm glad to have a place slightly closer than Lockhart/Luling to go for some reliable BBQ. Luling ribs are still my favorite, but Milt's brisket has definitely edged out the competition.

    2. I checked it out and the brisket is great, just like achtungpv said. Nice charred exterior, thick smoke ring, and incredibly tender meat. I think Black's in Lockhart has them beat on smokey flavor, but the texture is among the best I've had. I also really enjoyed the vinegary sauce.

      I don't think the sausage was from either Kreuz or Smitty's, my two favorite sausage purveyors. And I really disliked the beans, which were very very sweet.

      But the brisket alone is definitely worth the (not so long) drive.

      1. Just returned from a trip down to Kyle especially to try out Milt's. The comparisons to John Mueller's place here in Austin is what convinced me to go (and the fact that there are often good suggestions on this message board). I've eaten BBQ at the triumvirate in Lockhart, Cooper's in Llano, Luling City Market, Snow's, and a good number of other places in and around Austin. I like my BBQ and a place's brisket is the stick by which they are measured. In my humble opinion, this place's brisket doesn't compare to Snow's, Smitty's, Luling City Market, or any of the big names in Central Texas BBQ. It looked and tasted steamed or boiled. Don't get me wron, it was good, but for me not worth the drive from Austin. The ribs on the other hand were lip smackers. They were particular in that there was a good portion of fat left on 'em, which did nothing but good things for their flavor. And the sausage was good enough. All in all, Milt's is comparable to the better BBQ joints in the Austin city limits, but next to the titans of Cen Tex BBQ, Milt's needs some work to compare.

        1. First post -

          I tried Milt's today because of this thread. Very good brisket; moist, tender, not too fatty. The sauce was a perfect match. I also tried their jalapeno sausage, it was very good as well, not overly spicy but with just enough "kick". I was a little taken aback by the sweetness of the beans. At first I wondered: "why would you add sweet to a bowl of perfectly good bbq beans"?, but as I ate the barbecue and the sauce, the sweetness to the beans seemed to be a much better fit. I still think I prefer my beans non-sweet, but I will say I may be on my way to a re-evaluation of that stance. I'll still hit Lockhart for brisket when I can, but I am happy to have found a relatively close in bbq joint (I live in Austin) that does brisket well.

          The owner was very friendly. I mentioned the website that brought me there and he proceeded to give me some on the house samples of the polish sausage, smoked turkey, ribs and chopped beef. I see a chopped beef sandwich in my near future; all meat, no big chunks of fat, very easy on the sauce. The smoked turkey was good, but it was about 3pm when I tried it, so it was a little dry, but the sauce helped. The polish sausage was good, but I'm not very knowledgeable about what it should taste like. The rib was very good and worked well with the sauce.

          I'll definately be back.