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Oct 4, 2008 02:00 PM

Edison eats

Any suggestions for a family tomorrow after a soccer game?

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  1. What about Harold's Deli off Woodbridge Ave. in Raritan Center? I was just there this afternoon and the corned beef was as good as its always been. The leftovers as well as the monstrous piece of chocolate fudge cake will last all week. Good Luck,

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    1. re: bgut1

      Hey, bgut1, this is too late for the OP but I wanted to comment on Harold's. I have always loved Harold's but yesterday (Sunday) I was somewhat disappointed. We had the corned beef sandwich and I found it to be a little dry. Even some extra mustard did not help.

      I think you go to Harold's more than I do (it's a 45 minute drive for me) so I'd be interested in knowing if you have detected any changes in the corned beef. I know you said it "was as good as its always been" but I'm a little worried that the quality may be slipping.

      Added in Edit: The cheesecake was superb. We just finished the last of it about an hour ago!

      1. re: ambrose

        Ambrose - I'm sorry about your dry corned beef. My order was fine and to be honest, I've not noticed a decrease in quality. I did not however see Harold in attendance on Saturday. Maybe he is splitting time between East Brunswick and Edison. Happy to hear that you at least enjoyed the cheesecake. It's one of favs as well. Good Luck.

    2. What about Lou Ca's in Metuchen on Rt. 27? Right next to Edison. Behind the mall. BYOB

      That is the first place I thought of. I know Edison is huge, by where exactly will you be?

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      1. re: Angelina

        Thank you! We will be near the Wardlaw Hartridge School near Terrell Ave

        1. re: GrOlive

          oops...the place I picked is opposite of where you will be! But, I still think it is a very good pic. Not much in that area. Scotch Plains has nothing to offer either. Just shoot up Oak Tree Road onto Rt. 27.

          Have a great time! If you go to Louca's, please post back! Thanks......