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Oct 4, 2008 01:25 PM

Madison sandwich shop for catering a party?

OK -- I'm hosting an outdoor birthday party for 50 or so grownups and toddlers and need to get a whole bunch of sandwich or sub platters. Nice side dishes (pasta salad, roasted or raw veggies, etc.) would be good, too. This doesn't have to be gourmet -- it's more important that a wide cross-section of adults and small children (including vegetarians) will find something they like to eat. But it should be as yummy as possible. Any idea where I should go for this? One friend recommended Milio's.

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  1. Milio's is certainly decent and cost-effective (and identical to Jimmy John's, pretty much.) But you won't find sides there. Some more ideas: - Artamos, near west side organic butcher. - Fraboni's, central (Greenbush neighborhood) institution. - Gino's, west and State St., more Italian classics. - Lakeview (downtown) - they do a great individual lunch, not sure about catering.

    Happy party!

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      Thanks! I should have thought of Fraboni's; I'm a huge fan of their subs. But actually, I think the party is moving towards an all-vegetarian theme, so we may do Gotham's bagels instead.

      Follow-up question: where should I get cupcakes?

    2. If you're going all veggie, I'd take a look at Willy St Co-op as well. Madeleine's has been recommended for cupcakes to me, although I can't vouch personally.

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        Willy St.! Yes, good call.

        Madeleine's bakery is sure to be delicious but I'm not sure what they offer; I'll also go out on a limb and say if "cute" is more important than "good" there's LMNOPies: