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Oct 4, 2008 01:21 PM

Rome restaurant near Hotel Majestic via Veneto

Looking for dinner spots near hotel 10 - 15 min. walk. Not too touristy...good food and value.

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  1. If you like seafood, Tuna, at via Veneto 11, is new and wonderful. Chinappi is also very good for seafood. Both are just past Piazza Barberini. Tullio is a classic Tuscan place also near the Piazza, and Colline Emiliane is quite close. Palatium, in via Frattina, might be under 15 min away.

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      Once again, many thanks for the helpful info. Will research all and decide.

      1. re: Georgia Peach

        Very near your hotel: Best recommendation for quality, quantity, price, and ambience is Marcello at Via Aurora 37 between Ludovisi and Lombardo, 2 blocks in from the Via Veneto where the large hotels are. Recommended is a set meal they may suggest (if they don’t, ask your waiter for it): antipasti misti (5-6 vegetarian appetizers in large bowls from which you take what and how much you wish), primo is a platter of 3 different pastas in 3 different sauces, secundo is a large chunk of roast veal with potatoes and other items (may have substitute meat if you don't like veal - but it is very good). House wine is good and can be had in ½ or full liter pitchers, in white or red. This meal for 2 with 1 liter of house wine should run you 35-40 Euros per person and you will have eaten lots of excellent food.

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          Goodness! Well I must begin by thanking CJT for the Marcello restaurant recommendation!
          We live in los angeles and have access to amazing italian food as we discovered this (our first
          Trip) to italy. We scoured venice (even using and rome over multiple meals over ten days. We were unable to find decent bread anywhere
          In venice. We got to rome on a sunday and finally found decent pastries an bread, but still had yet
          To find a complete restaurant, regardlless of price. We found this posting from almost 3 years ago
          For restaurants near our hotel. We strolled out at around 930pm, turned
          The corner, and there was marcello restaurant! Not just BY FAR the best food
          We have had in italy, it is the best italian food we have ever had! The roasted veal
          Shank was beyond words, the bruschetta, the steak, the mushroom rissotto, the tiramisu
          The potatoes, oh geez and the spinach! We have eaten there 3 nights so far! Mauricio
          Is the best waiter ever! He remembers what you like- your preferences.
          We tipped him 20 euro per meal on an average bill of 85 euros (and he seeme to appreciate it)!
          Remember that the service charge that is chared does not trickle down to the waiters (the owners
          Benefit from that). We saw locals slide cash to the waiters upon leaving! So corleone family-like!
          I cried the italian
          guitarist serenaded us beautifully! Rome amazing food service the one you love and
          Romantic music doesn't get any more romantiic than that! Don't forget to
          Tip the strolling serenader (other americans did not tip him). This place gets
          Filled up by 10 pm. Thanks again for the reco - this has been the icing
          On a truly amazing trip to a breath-taking country! Magnifico!

          1. re: shoeluvr

            I greatly appreciate your comments on Vladimiro (formerly Marcello), as I regularly recommend it to those staying in hotels near or on the Via Veneto. Many have tried it and enjoyed it, but too many have discounted it as "touristy" (which I don't think it really is). On every one of our 6 or 7 trips to Rome in the last 15 years, we have had a magnificent meal there and are very happy to hear you experienced the same.
            Last visit, we gve a cash tip to the waitress, but she immediately gave it to the other waiter, so I don't know who got to keep or share in it finally. But I believe that the regular servizio fee is partly given to the wait staff as part of their compensation.

            Via Aurora, 37, Rome, Lazio , IT

            1. re: shoeluvr

              So glad you enjoyed Marcello! My husband and I LOVED it too in April in Rome. It was just a wonderful, simple, beautiful meal in a lovely setting...we sat outside of course. I loved the location too, kind of tucked away. Rome just charmed me completely

              1. re: shoeluvr

                I would be very curious to know if any local CH people have been there and what they think. It certainly sounds VERY touristy (guitarist at the table? please!), and yet many people have reported excellent food, though I can't recall if any are actually Rome residents. As for the place being populated with locals: if they are true locals, i.e., from the neighborhood, they have probably been going there for generations (not too many Romans are moving into that neighborhood these days given the price of real estate) and would have a different experience from the foreigner walking in off the street (I, and others, have elaborated this notion elsewhere). Also, unless your ear for Italian is very good, you may not be able to distinguish Italian out-of-towners from locals except by the relaxed body language of the latter. That may be what you mean by "big-daddy locals with their paisans" (a description I would think more appropriate for "The Sopranos" than a restaurant on Via Aurora in Rome). As I said, I'd love to know what others who live here think.

                1. re: mbfant

                  Maureen, I read your post as if someone should go looking for some way to find fault with Vladimiro, though I know that's not your intent. My family, neighbors, friends, and CH readers to whom I have recommended this restaurant have by and large found it worthwhile and fairly priced. Folks staying in the Via Veneto area also find it most convenient after a day's worth of sightseeing or shopping in Rome. The replies from CH readers who ATE THERE were overwhelmingly positive and I am grateful to shoeluvr for re-iterating her experience -- note that she's been there several times, not just once (wife and I have eaten there on every Rome trip, going back to when it was named Marcello). As for the guitar, that might have been on a weekend or at holiday season. We were present once just before Christmas and the guitarist entertained a sizable group of Italian ladies who were in celebration mode; haven't seen him in the last 2-3 visits. He also used to play outside on their sidewalk dining area during warmer weather.

                  What "others who live here" think is a bit condescending. I recommend this place for visiting tourists who want an excellent dining experience at reasonable prices in a neighborhood near their hotels. Ex-pats living full-time in Rome may have other yardsticks to judge a place to their liking, but Vladimiro is a good place for those I mention above. But who knows -- you might like it as well!

                  Via Aurora, 37, Rome, Lazio , IT

                  1. re: CJT

                    People who live here and people who visit do not always have the same needs or criteria. I know that many visitors like the place. I merely asked if anyone who lives here has tried it too. I would like to know. It does happen every so often that one needs a place to eat in that area.

            2. re: Georgia Peach

              Tuna,Chianppi and Tullio are all great recommendations, and they are all pretty different from each other. There's also a new place on Via Boncompagni 83 called Ottoemezzo which you might also want to check out, I guess modern Italian cooking. I think their lunch menu has some good deals, although its not your usual trattoria cooking (which for me is a plus)

          2. I love Trattoria Cadorna, which is about a 15 minute walk from your hotel. Very non-touristy, traditional Roman restaurant. I love their Antipasto Cadorna! A six course extravaganza of small plates.
            Claudio Dordei, the owner of La Gensola, just opened a new fish restaurant near Via Veneto. I've heard it's as good as La Gensola (one of my favorite places in Rome), and would be right in your neighborhood. Unfortunately I can't find the address (I think it may be Via Sardegna) but if you call La Gensola, they will let you know.
            The area around the Spanish Steps is not so far away. Nino's is very old fashioned, with Tuscan leanings.

            Trattoria Cadorna
            Via Cadorna, 12, Roma 00100, IT

            La Gensola
            Piazza della Gensola, 15, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT