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Oct 4, 2008 12:49 PM

Recs/ lunch before the Ravens game

Any recommendations for lunch/brunch before the game Sunday? I like Ryleigh's but haven't checked to see if they are open. Could be Fed Hill or near JHU.

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  1. Hey Jim! LTNS. It's a difficult call. Ryleigh's is open, but a lot of the neighborhood places are closed, either all day or during the daytime. Most of what's open are bars.

    Regi's is on Light Street just north of the market. I haven't been but it's fairly well liked. Junior's Wine Bar is open for brunch now, so that's an option. You might also try Luca's in Locust Point. Decent pizza and some other options. I think they open at 11, but you might want to call and ask

    Also, remember that before the game the neighborhood is quite crowded, and I'd assume that goes for the restaurants as well (I hole up in my house on game days).

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      Thanks. Luca's sounds like a good option. I'll check their hours.