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Where to find weisswurst (white sausage) in TO?

I'm looking for a restaurant or butcher in the GTA where I can find authentic weisswurst? Does anyone have any leads? I'm dying to try it...

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  1. Whitehouse Meats in the SLM sells a pretty good version. Not sure how authentic it is, but it tastes good.

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        I second this. I buy these for Sunday breakfast every week. As far as authenticity goes, it's not completely authentic as authentic weisswurst is made from veal, and traditionally is consumed right away after being made as it spoils quickly.

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          what are the whitehouse ones made of, if not veal? pork? poultry?

          i grew up eating weisswurst from Denninger's in Hamilton (and am a HUGE fan), but no longer eat them b/c i don't usually eat veal. if there's a good quality alternative out there, i'd love to know!

      2. St. Lawrence Market, both North and South markets.

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        1. Hi,
          IMHO Denningers in Oakville sells very good ones.

          1. Brandt Meats in Mississauga is wurst heaven. Factory-fresh weisswurst only travel about 100ft from plant to counter.

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              Elmwood Meat Market in Port Credit (Mississauga) carries Brandt weisswurst in a package of four.

              Elmwood Meat Market
              170 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G, CA

            2. Try Vienna Fine Foods on Birchmount Rd.

              1. Both Denningers and Brandt make great weisswurst. I would give a slight edge to Brandt.

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                  Big up on Brandt. Also try Starsky's in Mississauga on Dundas west of the 427. AWESOME deli and cheese counters...

                2. The Cheese Boutique in the west end also has weisswurst most of the time, and theirs is made from veal

                  1. Loblaws carries the Brant brand of weisswurst.

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                      Right, but the point of going to the Brandt factory store on Mattawa in Mississauga is for freshness and for all of their stuff Loblaws DOESN'T carry!

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                        Saturday mornings in the North Market at St. Lawrence... El Gaucho Weisswurst are quite good. They are on the east side just past the tart and pie people.

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                          Apologies. I didn't notice that the OP was looking for freshness and things Loblaws doesn't carry. I understood his post to mean he wanted to try weisswurst and wanted it now. ;-)