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Oct 4, 2008 12:03 PM

FARM (Calgary)

Thought this deserved its own thread with reference to itself and not a resto in another Canadian city.

Opening very, very soon- paper is off the windows and it looks marvelous- rustic and comfy.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I called today and they are OPEN! Not accepting reservations but I intend to pop in over the long weekend. Apparently they are open for lunch, closed in the afternoons, and then open again for dinner. I hope they are doing something Thanksgivingy as I am not cooking my bird until next weekend.

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        Yup we (some co-workers and I) popped in for lunch today. We kept it minimal (Although we did splurge for some dessert) as that still is about $20+ pp for lunch. It was very nice, Janice was a flurry of activity. Everything seems well buttoned down and operating smoothly. Some very yummy daily specials (I had the sandwich today). I'm sure we'll be by frequently. Manzo - you must live pretty close by - my office is 17th ave and 13th street - above Morgans.

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          I can smell Morgans and hear the gunfire and the crack deals from my living room!

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          My husband and I went for dinner on Friday night. It is really not a husband kinda place. Well certainly not my husband.

          I agree with everyone - it is beautiful and the service was very good, especially considering they just opened a couple of days ago. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The wine list is extensive and a bit on the pricey side but hey so is JB Cheese. Sometimes great quality and great offerings cost a great deal.

          Anyhow, here is my beef. The menu has no meals on it. We went for dinner. There is no dinner. Yes you can order plates of cheese and meats and salad but no entrees. My husband had the grill cheese and I had the sausage on a bun. His grill cheese looked like something that you would feed a 10-year old for lunch. When it arrived he looked at it and said "So after this, where are we going for dinner?" Uh oh. Now he did say that it was the best grill cheese sandwich he ever had ($12) but it certainly wasn't dinner. I felt the same. Good quality but not dinner. No soups on offer either.

          I would say they are open for lunch and in the evenings because you can't say they are open for dinner as they don't offer entrees. I loved it and I will go back but for a glass of wine, a salad, some meat and cheese appetizers, etc. I can't wait to go back but I won't take my husband and I won't expect dinner - because even for $62 - there was no dinner.

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            Well.... I haven't been to Farm but I've heard it's on the same model as Salt in BC. When I went there, our 'dinner' was meat, cheese and condiments with plenty of bread with wine. I think the focus of this sort of thing is supposed to be the wine and cheese/meat... like a cheese bistro. If you were expecting a normal appetizer, entree and dessert thing I can see why it would be jarring. But it's really a lovely evening meal.

            1. re: AriaDream

              i agree, it is a lovely meal - going back today! i can't wait!!

              1. re: AriaDream

                We went for dinner on Friday night and everything we sampled was delicious. I say sample, as we never really did fill up, even though between the two of us we ordered six cheese and six meat samples, a salad and two entrees. I would definitely go back for lunch or pre-dinner appies and vino, but not sure about a full meal. I love Janice Beaton's cheese selections so when I'm tired of sampling at home, this is a good alternative. Don't go hungry...but give it a try!

          2. The website still says "coming soon". :( Does anyone know their hours? I'd really like to see this.

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            1. re: AriaDream

              The website seems to be fully functional now.
              From the "Contact Us" page:

              Sunday to Wednesday 11 am to 2 pm; 5 pm to 11 pm
              Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm; 5 pm to 1 am

              1. re: cancowboy

                It still shows coming soon for me... strange. Thanks!

            2. Just ate here tonight. Very nice. Basically, you pick your wine/drinks, then go and create a charcuterie from their daily list of ingredients. Examples of the offerings on the charcuterie are Cave aged Gruyere accompanied by an onion jelly ($4.50). Duck rillette, accompanied by Brassica mustard ($5.50). Riopelle Brie, and accompanied by dried cherries ($6.50). This all comes on a charcuterie slab, and then you are served a small amount of thin bread slices. It was quite yummy and VERY fresh. The only complaint was the annoying music playing when we first walked in. Would definitely go back. Love the shabby chic interior with beautiful attention to the finishing wood work.

              1. had lunch there this afternoon - it's a step up for calgary - just like when you're at salt, you don't feel like you're in farm, you don't feel like you're in calgary. a job well done for michael noble, he told me he consulted.

                my only complaint was that the server didn't tell us what each thing was and we were trying new cheeses, we figured it our ourselves but....

                nice wine selection but some of the wines i was familiar with seemed a bit $$$$.

                from speaking with noble, i understand that you will be able to reserve the large table if you are a large group but for 2 time slots only so they can still turn it over in an evening. other than that, no reservations.

                i also overheard one of the servers telling someone they are building another kitchen in the basement so they can stay open all day - they currently close between lunch and dinner to catch up with preparations.

                i will be spending a lot of money there i'm afraid.... going back on tuesday for a leisurely lunch, might have to try a desert, they sound delicious!