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Oct 4, 2008 11:39 AM

UWS Brunch - inexpensive

We are looking for a good place to do brunch, on the UWS or around the time warner center that wont break the bank. Does any one have recommendations? and preferably a place that wont have too long a wait! thanks!

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  1. Calle Ocho..Sunday sangria bar...You will walk out of there spening NO MORE than 20 bucks per person (including tax/tip).

    1. you should try The Neptune Room, awesome French Toast

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      1. re: jeffthepeanut

        Ditto -- their price includes an alcoholic drink/coffee/juice, which is nice. And you can make reservations.

      2. i like the food at neptune room pretty well, too.
        not sure how inexpensive you want, but good less expensive options include:

        1. cafe con leche on amsterdam between 80th and 81st (entrees around $8 or $9, no drink included); and

        2. gabriela's, w.90s / columbus (entrees $12, served with a complimentary margarita, bloody mary or mimosa).

        the digs are nicer at gabriela and in most cases, it serves better food. they have a heated patio out front if you want to sit outdoors.

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        1. re: cimui

          We very much like the brunch at Gabriela's as well. They make killer drinks. DH likes the chilaquiles and I think the carmelized banana pancakes are really good. Their patio has become our go-to place for drinks and snacks.

          1. re: LNG212

            I honestly can't think of a place with a better selection of tequilas in Manhattan -- which is sometimes unfortunate when I can't resist and have one of them with brunch. I'm useless for the rest of the day.

            One small detail about the brunch food: They seem to be better than most at making eggs to order, perfectly. They get the distinction between sunny side up and over easy.

            (Btw, Garbriela's is one place I'm jealous of you for having in your nabe, still. :)

        2. Fairway Cafe is also pretty affordable, though it can get crowded at times.

          1. What you're looking for is Arte Cafe on W. 73rd between Columbus and Amsterdam. $12 Brunch with unlimited mimosas, bloody marys, screwdrivers bellinis etc.