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Oct 4, 2008 10:46 AM

Atlantic City Casual Food Favorites

I have been going to AC often (I don't even gamble but I LOVE it there!) As a non-gambler (and a foodie, I spend my time biking everywhere and walking the boardwalk (I also love the AC Hilton as I find the South-end of the Boardwalk to be more relaxing).

Anyway, here are my faves so far...

Teplitsky's Coffee Shop (only open 7AM - 2PM in the Winter)
GREAT Mac N Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with Mild Vermont Cheddar, Brisket with Kugel). Great kitsch/hip atmosphere!

Chelsea Prime at The Chelsea Hotel (Expensive)
Lump Crab Appetizer with Cocktail Sauce and Fresh Horseradish, Bread Pudding Dessert with Nuts and Raisins eaten at the small tables by the bar area - served by Gene!!! The people-watching here is great as is the view of the ocean if you go early. Nice deco setting!

White House Subs (open 'til about 9PM )
"Half" Cheesesteak sandwich with Provolone and Onions (served on rolls from "Formica Bakery" across the street) followed by a Tastycake & Milk. I love to sit at the counter here and watch them make their famous Hoage Sandwiches and admire the super strong Italian women that have helped run this place for a thousand years.

Patsy's (Bar Menu) at the Atlantic City Hilton
(Closed Wednesdays Thursdays).
While still pricey, the bar menu is an economical way to try their famous cuisine...I loved the Chicken Parm I got ($18 at the bar) with a potato croquette. Their tomato sauce is SUPERB!
Great wine selection by the glass as well.

Steel's Fudge on the Boardwalk (two locations, one on the Southend (nicer) and one on the Northend). Try their Pistachio (Bright Green!) Fudge, itis creamy and delicious. Their Coconut Fudge is also out of this world and they ship almost anywhere!

I next hope to try Trinity Bar & Grill at the gorgeous "mall" built right above the water across from Caesar's (Pier at Caesar's). Their menu looks fantastic (Roast Lamb Shank with Rosemary, Jameson/Oatmeal Creme Brulee) ...anyone been there?

Oh, one more thing! Surprisingly, Horizon's, a 24-hour diner-like place at the Atlantic City Hilton was SUPER! I had TERRIFIC Buffalo Chicken Wings w/ Celery & Blue Cheese! Good service too! Their deli sandwiches were piled high too! And they serve Matzo Ball Soup and Lox & Bagels with Red Onion too!

Another place locals like is Bill's Gyro but it was not-so-good and very unclean.

On a non-food note, the small Atlantic City Historical Museum (Just North of the Showboat Casino) has a GREAT Film about Atlantic City Then & Now. Viewings all day and admission is FREE (Open everyday from 10-4, really worth a visit!!!) Great small exhibit too. There's even a Mr. Peanut Sculpture sitting on a park bench outside. Awww. Mr. Peanut...I miss you!)

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  1. You have to check out Little Saigon - about four blocks in from the Tropicana, same street as White House, in a little corner storefront. The Vietnamese food is excellent - so fresh, reasonably priced, and the menu is so extensive that it would take me a year to try everything - and I intend to!

    1. Great comprehensive list.

      My list starts and ends with White House. Nothing better.

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      1. I've been to the Trinity and I enjoyed it very much. In addition to an excellent beer selection, of which I had many, the food was very good. The potato-leek soup was nice and creamy and the grilled salmon (not very irish, but..) was also well executed. I had the scallion mashed potaoes and the grilled asparagus on the side, but they give you a whole bunch to choose from, including many different types of mashed potatoes. They also had a really good Irish band that was alot of fun. The atmosphere was nice and it did feel like a real Irish pub. Prices were reasonable as well. The salmon I had was priced under $20. Give it a try.

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          Diablo: Trinity is so under-the-radar it seems but I WILL try it based on your recc!
          Thanks also newfie29 for the tip about Little Saigon.

          I live in NYC but my heart's in Atlantic City!

          1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

            It kind of goes unnoticed amidst all those other fancy gigantic restaurants at The Pier, plus it's tucked away around a corner kind of in the back of everyting. Let me know what you think.