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Need Black & White Cookies

Hi - I need to buy a bunch of black & white cookies for gift bags. Are they all the same or is there a 'go-to' place for the best? Thanks.

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  1. Zaro's (at Grand Central) are always the freshest of the bunch in NYC (never dried out as is so often the case!)

    1. RestaurantGirl.com just published a "Best of NYC Black & Whites" article that you may want to check out. Here's the link: http://www.restaurantgirl.com/best_of...

      1. William Greenberg Bakery, really great

        1. Glaser Bake Shop, 87th and First Ave. Incredibly friendly old time bakery.

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            glaser's definitely. excellent.

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              I completely agree, those cookies melt in your mouth!

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                Glaser's for sure. Just had one saturday. Excellent!

              2. The Donut Pub on 14th Street. They're amazing. And I don't even like B&W cookies!

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                  I second Donut Pub, it's my favorite in Manhattan and open 24 hours.

                2. Thank you all. you've made this so much easier for me. Living downtown, I will try Donut Pub first, Thanks all.....]]

                  1. Wm. Greenberg's B & Ws. They're beautiful, they're talented--they're the best piece of stuff I've had, and I've had them all over the world!

                    1. I love B&W's! I agree with the William Greenberg people - they are really good. I don't care for Zaro's or Donut Pub's as much. My #2 pick is Hot & Crusty. If you are looking for little ones, the ones at Whole Foods are quite good, as are the ones at Barney Greengrass.

                      1. I love Junior's B&W cookies. I pick up the mini ones in Grand Central as gifts when visiting people and they are always loved. They are crazy expensive though.

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                          I recently tried a Junior's B&W for the first time, and would rate it high. I got a regular-sized one (not mini) and thought it seemed farily priced but I agree mini versions of stuff can be pricey. When I buy mini B&Ws as gifts I've had luck with the ones from Zabar's. They are already packaged for easy transport, and are very reasonably priced. Not sure they are the absolute best in taste but I think they are still quite good. Bottom-line, I would definitely say it's good value for the money.

                        2. I prefer the crisp base and think La Delice @ Third + 27th makes a good version, small and large.

                          1. GG's daughter says Crumbs, Moishe's or even Starbucks.

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                                Zaro's will always be the one and only B&W for me. It's what my dad grew up with and what I was raised on as well. No other brand compares.

                                I actually like their mini cookies even better than the full size.

                              2. William Greenberg - the best according to me and New York Magazine!! (not cheap though but all real ingredients as opposed to the ones you get in a round plastic tub)

                                1. I love the black and white cookies at Zabars. LOVE THEM. They are pretty small, which I prefer, as I usually can't eat a whole cookie, I don't like that much sweetness at much. I brought some home on Christmas season after a trip to NYC and everyone who tried one raved about them. They stay really fresh in the container they are packed in too.