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Oct 4, 2008 08:59 AM

Need Black & White Cookies

Hi - I need to buy a bunch of black & white cookies for gift bags. Are they all the same or is there a 'go-to' place for the best? Thanks.

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  1. Zaro's (at Grand Central) are always the freshest of the bunch in NYC (never dried out as is so often the case!)

    1. just published a "Best of NYC Black & Whites" article that you may want to check out. Here's the link:

      1. William Greenberg Bakery, really great

        1. Glaser Bake Shop, 87th and First Ave. Incredibly friendly old time bakery.

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          1. re: jinglejangle

            glaser's definitely. excellent.

            1. re: jinglejangle

              I completely agree, those cookies melt in your mouth!

              1. re: jinglejangle

                Glaser's for sure. Just had one saturday. Excellent!

              2. The Donut Pub on 14th Street. They're amazing. And I don't even like B&W cookies!

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                  I second Donut Pub, it's my favorite in Manhattan and open 24 hours.