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Oct 4, 2008 08:54 AM

Best weekend brunch above 42nd st - no not norma's

am looking for suggestion on either east side or west side. prefer vegetarian friendly.

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  1. I like Brasserie 8 1/2 (at 9 W 57th) because it's a good buffet and my younger friends can eat as much as they want. Other friends very much like Petrossian at 58th & 7th. You'll find that menu at

    1. Marseille, on the corner of 9th Av. & 44th St., is an attractive, bustling brasserie with very good food. The brunch menu has many selections which are vegetarian-friendly.

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        Thanks to RGR's Marseille recommendation we had brunch there a few months ago. It was excellent-everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Loved the FRITTATA VERDE with swiss chard, raisins, pignoli nuts, parmesan & pesto.So good that I've tried to make this dish at home. Nice bread basket for starters. Warm , friendly service at a good pace for a busy Sunday.

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          Its such a coincidence because I ate the frittata this weekend too! Marseille is pretty reliable for brunch, although service can be a little spotty though.

      2. I love all the high end department store brunches, they are terrific:

        Fred's @ Barney's
        Saks Fifth Ave - men's side has a small bar, cheaper than Women's side
        Sak's women's side has a gorgeous view of the Park

        There's also the cute french bistros:

        match 65 (was paris match)
        la goulue

        And of course, there's always the Pain Quotidien and all the varied locations.

        bon appetit!

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          Can you tell me more about Match 65? We were driving by the other day and my husband had asked if I'd read anything about it on CH. I used to go when it was yet another place - don't remember the name. How would you compare to Goulue, which I like.

        2. I really like the brunch at Telepan.