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Oct 4, 2008 08:40 AM

Anchovies and your secret uses for them

Do you use anchovies in unexpected dishes? I have a ridiculous amount of anchovy paste (due to an ordering error) and want to use up a little bit more.

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  1. Bagna Cauda sounds like a good thing. Just toasts with spread as hor d'ouerve; Been using anchioade, the french equivalent when cooking as alternative to salt in savory stuff.

    1. Add a smidge here and there to pasta sauces, beef stews, braises, and so forth. You'll use it up in no time. Get a couple of jars of capers which are a great match when making dressings and sauces with anchovies.

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        I have just been rereading Susanne Goin's Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook and have come across a wonderful recipe that's perfect served with soup. It's called Gentleman's Relish Toast and is a mash of anchovy, olive oil, butter, minced shallot, parsley, lemon juice, zest, cayenne, chives, and shallots (and s&p).

        I didn't have chives or shallots and so used green onions and regular onion. It's spread on toast. It's also great spread on bread and THEN toasted in the oven. She serves it with watercress soup. I served it with potato and leek soup.

      2. I usually double the amount required in Caesar dressing because I love it. I also add to tomato sauce now and then.

        1. Green Goddess dressing is the best cudite dip ever (also great on cold salmon), and you can use up some making that. People who don't like anchovies (or say they don't) always want to know what makes it so delicious!

          1. I add it to olive oil, garlic when making pasta aglio olio.
            Love it when I saute cauliflower - just add to olive oil when sauteing - also great with broccoli - it gives it an amazing nearly nutty flavor.
            Heat oil & anchovy - then cook sunny side up eggs.
            I guess nearly everything is pretty good with anchovies - they melt and no one even can tell.