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Oct 4, 2008 08:37 AM

ramen-setagaya or ippudo?

which has better ramen and broth? also, there will be four of us? are there tables in setagaya or only counter seating. thanks for your help.

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  1. Ramen - Setegaya, by a little
    Broth - Ippudo, by a lot.

    Overall winner: Ippudo, their "Akamaru Modern" ramen is unlike anything Setagaya has to offer. The broth is just gorgeous, and for good reason it's the most popular choice at Ippudo. Don't worry, the ramen is good, but setagaya's in my mind is a little better. But tiny matters, I would go to Ippudo in a heartbeat over Setagaya for the Akamaru Modern.

    1. Ippudo by a landslide.

        1. I like both, but as others have said, the "Akamaru Modern" at Ippudo is really fantastic. I think the pork is better at Ippudo as well.

          1. I'm far from a ramen expert (as I grew up with Sapporo Ichiban). But I believe Setayaga specializes in shio ramen and Ippudo specializes in tonkotsu. So you're kind of talking apples and oranges here. But if there are four of you guys, you will definitely be more comfortable at Ippudo. I'm also a fan of the Akamaru Modern as well.

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              I was impressed with Ippudo and it's more of a restaurant than Setagaya is. The thing is, I'm not a fan of the tonkotsu style broth. It's "oppressively porky" in my mind. It's the same style that Minca serves and I personally just don't like the style.

              I find myself more often in Setagaya and Rai Rai Ken, but objectively speaking Ippudo's Akamaru ramen is worth a visit. It's very intense. Very porky.

              If you're looking more for a lighter broth, then Setagaya is your better option. There are little table-ettes in addition to the counter seating. But it's not a hang-out place. it's eat-and-go, at Setagaya.