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Oct 4, 2008 08:03 AM

Making Brisket For first time...

I cook a ton, but have never made brisket. I am making Ina Garten's brisket today.
She calls for 6-7 lb brisket and says to cook it for 3.5 hrs at 350.

I got a 5 lb brisket. How should i change timing and temp?

Any tips on adapting her recipe would be great!


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  1. 350 sounds like too high of a temp to cook brisket. The lower and slower the better it will be. I would go for 300 and cook it 5-6 hours.

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      It came out good, but I really think next time, I am going to go low and slow at 300. It wasn't falling off the fork....very good flavor, but it could have been better!
      Thanks for your advice

    2. Even for a 4-pound roast, standard recipes (and my experience) call for 3-plus hours at 325 degrees. I'd give it the fork test at 3 hours, but expect it to take longer.

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        Thanks guys.,,,It's in oven already at 350, I trust the Barefoot Contessa. Her recipes are never bad, but I will check it at 3 hrs for sure,

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          Yes, just check it, and when it "forks" nice and tender, it's done! Enjoy!
          Here's an easy and delicious recipe for brisket. 4 lb. brisket, bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce (the kind you might use to make shrimp cocktail sauce), sliced onion - Brown the meat on both sides, put in baking pan, scatter onions on top, pour the whole bottle of sauce on it, and add about 1/2 bottle of water using the chili sauce bottle. Bake at 325, covered, for approx. 1 hour per pound until fork tender. After about 3 hours you will not be able to stand it, it smells like candy!! ;-)