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Oct 4, 2008 06:57 AM

The Cabin- Valhalla

I was wondering if any chowhounds have visited this recently reopened local institution under The Striped Bass/Greenwich Lobster House ownership.

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  1. I saw the article on it, and will wait to hear from people on here whose opinions I value.

    Looks to be overpriced, I wonder if the food and portions will match the prices?

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    1. re: dolores

      We tried it recently on a friend's rec. and were surprised at how we disliked it. The log cabin decor is attractive and the lighting is good but otherwise we found the food mediocre to bad. The kitchen has a heavy hand with salt and the vegetables were overcooked. Mr. Is had crab cakes which he liked and I had a mammoth chicken cutlet with mushy crumb topping that I had to scrape off in order to eat the protein. The service is slow and off-hand. With so many better places at their price range i see no reason to ever go back.

      1. re: lucyis

        Yep, we went there soon after it opened and were really disappointed. We didn't like the decor too much - it felt self-conscious - but the food was what really sank the ship (er, cabin). My mom said the water tasted of bleach (the rest of us drank other beverages and avoided the water). I had a just so-so burger, and the accompanying fries were dusted unpleasantly with truffles. It tasted all wrong. When they brought my children their meals, their fries (often the only part of a meal they'll eat) were truffled too. I asked for plain fries for them, but they said the truffle ones are the only kind they have. Nobody thought their meal was delicious (and we were 5 adults and 3 children). When the waiter brought us the check and said, "Please come again," my 4-year-old, to my utter chagrin, shouted back, "No! I do NOT want to come here again!"

        1. re: miatagirl

          Ah, a junior chowhound! I love the freedom kids feel to say what we wish we could say. Send that child to journalism school he is a food writer in the making! I wounder what the "truffles" actually are since true truffles are extremely expensive. My husband would have freaked to have truffles any where near his food since he hates all mushrooms and their ilk.