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Oct 4, 2008 04:13 AM

xmas and new years eve dinner?

Me and my girlfriend (30-somethings) are from Scandinavia and are going to stay at the Waldorf Astoria in NY between 22nd of December and 2nd of January. We'd like to make dinner reservations for the 24th and 25th of December in some good restaurant, and also a restaurant/lounge for the 31st of December. Preferably a restaurant in combination with a lounge/club so that we don't have to start changing places in the evening.

I'm a complete illiterate when it comes to NY restaurants, so I'm in dire need of help.
For the xmas-dinners I'd be willing to pay around $100-$200 per person plus wine and for the new years an admission fee of $150/person is perfectly fine. Any other good restaurant and lounge bar recommendations for the other days? Our music preference is more towards lounge, trip-hop and club and we dislike hiphop.

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  1. We really liked Tao's on East 58th Street.

    Although you'll read online of some people having had bad experiences there in 2007 and earlier this year, our experience from 3 weeks ago was excellent. Service was crisp, polite, no delays, we had a comfortable table on a Saturday night (we reserved ahead) and the food was excellent (we're picky, so I mean excellent).

    There's an adjoining lounge next to the restaurant. The place itself is huge. Here are a few of photos I took of the place. The giant fortune cookie we had for dessert was enough for 4 people, and it was the best damned fortune cookie I ever ate.

    Best book now if you want to go.

    1. With a budget of up to $200pp, you can go to many of the top restaurants in NYC. But you will need to check to see if they will be serving dinner on Christmas Eve and/or Day.

      Daniel -
      Jean Georges -
      Eleven Madison Park -
      Gramercy Tavern -
      The Modern -
      Picholine -
      Fleur de Sel -
      Tocqueville -

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        Thank you for the advice! I'll check them out. Regarding Tao, is that a place where you can stay for a few drinks after the dinner on new years eve? I'd really like to find some nice lounge for a few drinks, with a good crowd and a good party.

        1. re: henrit

          There's a lounge both downstairs and upstairs. So my guess is if you tell them that and make a reservation with your credit card now, you'll be alright. Suggest you google up Tao for other photos.