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Oct 4, 2008 02:03 AM

PIT - Vivo, Pangea, Mortons

Hi folks,

I know these 3 are very different -- Vivo (in Bellevue), Pangea (in Shadyside) and Morton's steakhouse (downtown). But which would you say has the more talented kitchen?


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  1. Morton's is Morton's. If you've been to one... very good if you're looking for a steak, but not an experience you can't repeat in 30 other cities.

    Vivo is routinely excellent. Not Michelin star territory, but reliablly good with service that's both friendly and professional. It's chef-owned and family run. While based in Italian cuisine, Sam generally has a couple of surprises. You will not have a bad meal there and Sam and family will make you feel special. BYO.

    Haven't been to Pangea yet but they've been getting kudos from local food bloggers.

    So I'd go with Vivo or Pangea. Please report back if you go to the latter.

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      thanks, PG! The dinner is Oct 16. will report back.