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Oct 3, 2008 11:39 PM

Red Velvet Trifle?

Ok, despite the fact that I'm married to an Englishman, I don't really have a solid grasp of trifle, but I had a batch of red velvet cupcakes go wrong today, and that seems like my best bet at salvaging them. They taste fantastic, but were completely unpresentable for the party they were intended to serve.

So, five batches of cupcakes later, I'm stuck with a whole batch of red velvet chunks. Any ideas of how to turn them into a delectable trifle or other dessert?

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  1. use chocolate syrup or amaretto or frangelico (or grand marnier -- a good combo with chocolate, too) to drizzle on the chunks. layer them in a tall-sided glass compote. then put layer of creme anglaise or whipped cream, or vanilla pudding, then layer in some fruit (raspberry or strawberry would be good). then cake, then creamy layer, then more fruit -- as tall as you want. (3-4 layers is impressive.)

    top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings sprinkled on top (run a knife down the edges of good, dark chocolate.)

    easy version: parfaits: instant pudding mix (vanilla), layer with the cupcake chunks/large crumbs in tall parfait or wine glasses. topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. also can add fruit. if you don't add fruit, you can put plastic on top and keep in fridge for a couple of days.

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      i like also trish's idea (below) for using sweet cherries macerated in kirsch brandy scattered throughout the creme anglais. the cherry would be a good flavor match for the red velvet.

      how pretty for valentines day to do all red berries and cherries as the fruit component -- one layer each -- but scattered, not thickly applied), maybe each one macerated in a different flavor, like orgeat for the strawberries and framboise for the raspberry -- along with the kirsch for the cherries.

      or....maybe this is way too much of a jumble. if the booze was used for the fruit, i'd definitely not use any to drizzle on the cake, though.

    2. I would add toasted coconut with the pudding instead of fruit. We have made red velvet for years and we always cover ours in toasted coconut. Some people use a cream cheese frosting so you could also add you cream cheese to the layers.

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        i like the coconut idea, but i think cream cheese would be gummy in a trifle. my sister always uses a boiled white frosting for the cake -- it was my dad's favorite cake.

      2. cake crumb truffles. great for parties or to give as gifts.

        (great cake blog)

        1. cyberroo, what did you eventually do?

          1. I recently made a trifle of my own invention, which I named a Death By Brownie Trifle.

            I am posting a link to a thread where I list the ingredients PLUS there are photos you can click on to see what it looks like.. Look at the fourth post from the bottom with that info.

            Now, while this trifle had everything but the kitchen sink in it, yours need not be as fancy. Just put things together you think you might like. The reason I did not use a traditional trifle bowl was it needed to be stored in a fridge with limited head space.

            Here is the picture link:

            Here is the thread with the recipe: