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anyone know where i can get a "SHANDY"?

just got back from york, uk.

a "SHANDY" is a mix of lemonaid and beer, something i could mix at home but prefer a place when i'm out with my buds.


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  1. i assume any classic bar can do this but i havent had one since i tried my girlfriend's at some pub in king's cross.

    usually it's a girl's drink by the way. try spotted pig, perhaps walkers or tavern on jane?

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      whelp,,,,,i drink like a girl. :):) hope that doesn't come across as sexist.

    2. Dude,
      Im from the Carribean(Grenada to be exact).
      And Brooklyn, NY is full of local grocers that sell Shandy. The one we consume is made by a Carribean beer manufacturer named 'Carib'. They might have a website. A cold shandy is indeed refreshing.
      Well, I hope that helped.

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        i don't get to brooklyn often if ever. i'll look here. are these general grocers or do they specialize in international imports?

        btw,,,is there a specific brand i can ask for?


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          The particular brand is 'Carib'..
          And let me apologize, I had no idea that in Europe 'Shandy' was a drink prepared to order in bars/pubs. We carribbean folks only know the bottled Shandy, the Most popular of which is a Lager and ginger one by the aforementioned Carib beer bottling co. Its still very refreshing though. But the alcohol content is maybe around 6-8% by volume(I'm not sure).
          Thanks again, I just learned something.
          Here's the link: http://www.caribbeer.com/shady.htm

      2. I go to Spain a lot and there they drink "kaña con limón" which is half a glass of draft beer topped off with lemon soda (usually Kas limón")
        I ask for that in most Spanish restaurants I go to in NYC, but they usually substitute Sprite for Kas.
        It's good enough.

        See if that works for you.

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          English Lemonaid is a lemon soda, not what we call Lemonaid, Sprite is usually the closest, though if you are making one at home one of the french lemon sodas that Fairway carries would also work. Otherwise to get one out I'd suggest the already mentioned Spotted Pig or Half King.

        2. Totally love Shandy! Jolly Shandy!

          You may try Myers of Keswick. Give them a call and see if they carry it. 212) 691-4194

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            dont have to bother, just go. they always have cans of shandy. thats where i get mine. good stuff.

          2. Hi - just noticed your quest for shandy. If you go into a bar and just ask for it and explain they can "mix" it for you surely? I know you can buy ready made shandy but that tends to be non-alcoholic, or have about 0.1% alcohol. If I was to order a shandy (very rarely, on a hot day) I'd have half a good lager mixed with half lemonade.

            In Germany they call it Radler and make it with Sprite which imo is MUCH tastier! could be because their lager is better than ours!!

            Good luck with your quest!

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              Fantiman's makes a Shandy. Probably the kind that's 0.1% alcohol,glass bottles, twist caps. Fairway carries them. The one on 74 street and Broadway has them on the bottom shelf in the area directly across from the baguettes, on the opposite side of the aisle from the roast chickens.

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                As an avid squash player, I can say definitively that there is no better drink after playing than a shandy... and there is only one way to make it:

                In a pint glass that has been cooled in a refirigerator so it is literally "sweating" you fill one quarter with ice, splash a dash of lime cordial, then fill half with stella (trust me on this, I've made them with almost every lager) and half with ginger beer (preferably Golden Cockeral as Caribbean ginger beer spice overwhelms the flavour) and you should have about a half inch of head to which you put two dashes of bitters.
                Optional item: a patio.
                This is a shandy! Everything else is lemonade with beer.

              2. I had a similar drink over the summer at the Half King. It had vodka in it too, though (twice as good!).

                1. I know Telephone has them. I'd think any Irish or British bar would also. If not, they would gladly make one, and the bartenders are usually from the UK so you won't have to do a lot of explaining.

                  1. I am sure any bar will put 7Up in your beer, which is basically what we're talking about here.

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                      No... seriously... English or French 'lemonade' is nothing like Sprite or 7-up.

                      OK, yes, it is clear, it is fizzy, it is sweet, but the taste is completely different. Honest.

                      Lemon juice, water, ice and simple syrup or sugar isn't lemonade here in France, no, that's called Citron Pressé.. surprise!

                      Which is why a Pimms tastes vile in the USA unless you use the aforementioned French or English R Whites (from Myers of Keswick) lemonades. Same with a Shandy. The lager used is strong here in Europe, like 5.5-6.8% on draft, normally. Adding a lemonade topper to that makes a Shandy still a lot stronger than an American Budweiser.
                      We can buy a Shandy in a bottle here in France called Panache (PAN-ah-shay) or you can order the same in a bar made from draft lager and lemonade. Maybe try asking for that? Good luck!

                    2. Croxley Ales on 2nd & B: see "beer cocktail" section.


                      1. Shandy also known as "Snowhite" Half 7up or sprite and half beer. The french feed it to their children, because it makes them sleep like angels :-) Blanche Neige if you will, is also easy to mix yourself: take a large glass fill halfway with COLD cold cold 7up. add 1/2 a gardenvariety lager. Voila!
                        Shandy is similar, Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade is highly recommended, again, Cold cold cold lemonade, add the other half of that gardenvariety lager, I prefer an amber myself, although I gave up on beer after I moved here from Europe... it gives me a headache...

                        1. Valley Stream Beverage Discount Center, Long Island. Not sure if they have a store in the city. Their Telephone number: 516-285-5800

                          1. I see it at almost every English and most Irish pubs.