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Oct 3, 2008 07:28 PM

Westport, CT - Birthday Dinner

Coming into town from Minnesota for my father's birthday and want to take him out to a nice place for dinner. I am a little out of touch on the restaurant scene in Westport. I was considering the following places, and would appreciate any advice on which one you would pick:

Dressing Room
Via Sforza
Blue Lemon
Meigas (Norwalk)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. Dressing Room Dressing Room Dressing Room. Great chic atmosphere, amazing food, very professional service. But be prepared to spend quite a significant amount of money.

    1. Honestly I wouldn't highly recommend any of those places. We've had bad experiences at the Dressing Room and wouldn't go back. Many others on CH had similar experiences, you can search for threads if interested in more detail.
      Blue Lemon is okay. Meigas is interesting, but I think the ambience is very stiff.
      Paci in Southport would be my rec for italian. Incredible housemade pastas, antipasti is to die for.
      The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton is also top of my list. Both places have websites if you want to check out menus.
      If you want to venture to South Norwalk, Match, Osetra, Barcelona and Wasabi Chi are all very very good.

      1. blue lemon is boring
        tarantinos is great italian and i would definitely recommend it.
        dressing room- excellent but very $$
        via sforza- more casual italian but food is noteworthy

        another recommendation -i was recently at casa modo mio - it was a cozy place near the bridge to longshore but great italian food with a nice water view - recently rated very good by pat brooks