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Oct 3, 2008 06:54 PM

another meal at No. 7 Greene (Fort Greene, BK)

I just got back today from traveling, unfortunately on a tough red eye after 12 hours of travel. Awoke ravenous after a nap and walked 2 blocks up to my new "local." Tried the celery root soup served with 3 different garnish types - sweet (apple), savory (parmesan croutons) and herbaceous (chive & parsley). A nice dish and I enjoyed mixing the flavors.

Dinner was a pork chop special that was just fantastic. A gamey-ish (not sure how else to describe it, besides really just obviously farm-raised) sort of chop with great, great flavor and topped with a thinly sliced fennel salad. This sat atop a pile of the most perfectly cooked and scrumptious cranberry beans, also lovely roasted cauliflower, and lightly cooked kale. A perfect Fall dish. Mind you, it's quite obvious that the dish is likely - and perhaps rather aggressively - mounted with loads of butter, but wow was this just what you think about when the temp. drops below 60 degrees and the fall bite is in the air.

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  1. had dinner there tonight... excellent meal from start to finish. water service was prompt and timely. our server was knowledgeable and friendly. the bread was crusty and fresh. the accompaniments were also tasty though i'm not sure what it was... a creamy buttery white bean puree/spread maybe?? we had an appetizer special, seared scallops over toast with a mild jalapeno sauce with greens and dressing on the side. the scallops were cooked well and the flavors were nice and bold. we also had the soup you described above. we liked the combo with the croutons the most and agreed that the apple garnish was a bit on the sour side. Nice creamy soup, silky texture. For entrees we had the hanger steak with kimchi perogis, yellow squash puree and broccoli rabe. I did not taste the rabe or the perogi but the hanger steak was perfectly seasoned, the squash was delish too and the flavors meshed well together. The other entree was the roasted chicken with carrot puree roasted b-sprouts and truffled jus. this was a hell of a great dish. the chicken plated really nice. they were like rounds of chicken, unbelievably juicy and tender, crisp on the outside and the jus was nicely poured at tableside. i added more over the meat itself. the carrot was nice and sweet too. we finished the meal with a vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers and miso banana. basically its a vanilla pudding that really had the texture and air of a mousse, wafers were on the side to dip, and underneath the pudding were these caramelized bananas. i wanted to lick the dish. clearly i'll be back.

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      i take that back... the pudding really had the texture of a pudding and not a mousse. it was a really nice play on salty / sweet.

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        is there a website for this restaurant?

        1. re: kevin

          not that I'm aware of.
          they just got covered this week in the New Yorker and NYTimes - great for them - tough for me to get a seat!

    2. Oh, my... just had tonight's special--an etouffee made with lobster and veal cheeks and perfectly cooked cubes of turnip in the most amazing sauce. Seriously...WOWO. Served with a side of rice and a side of picked radishes.