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Oct 3, 2008 05:14 PM

Bacchus Roti closed?

Drove by Bacchus tonight hoping to pick up a roti. Noticed the windows are papered over and the sign has been removed. It looked as though there might be people inside doing some work, but didn't see any kind of sign on the window indicating it was closed for renovations or otherwise. Anyone have any info? I called their number, but got a voicemail is full message.

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  1. Given how the quality of their rotis has dropped in the last couple of years, I wouldn't be sad to see them go.

    Bacchus used to be my first choice of the many roti options here in Parkdale, but since I moved closer to Island Foods a couple of years ago, they've become my favourite. I still grabbed one at Bacchus every once in a while, but was disappointed by the last couple, with the most recent one (about 2 months ago) being quite possibly the worst roti I've ever had.

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    1. re: gregclow

      Agreed. I learned about roti from Bacchus almost 20 yrs ago when they were in their previous location. It has definitely gone downhill, as others in Parkdale picked up the slack.

      1. re: gregclow

        I'm sure Island Foods does meat rotis well, but I'm not convinced there's anywhere else in the city for the same selection of vegetarian rotis. I wouldn't recommend Island Foods' veg roti...

        1. re: thora

          Vena's and Pam's have quite extensive veg. options.

          1. re: Herb

            Bacchus is not closed.
            They are doing the Restaurant Makeover, and will re-open.

            1. re: erly

              Oh great.
              Maybe Corbin can teach them how to make a bouillabaisse roti.

              1. re: erly

                Yup, saw Igor sitting outside yesterday. Eeeek.

              2. re: Herb

                Thanks for the suggestion re: Pam's. I hadn't been impressed with Vena's in the past, but perhaps caught it on an off-day. I've heard from a few others that it is good - maybe a trip back is due...

                I'm so glad to hear, though, that they're not slotted for (immediate) destruction. Who knows, though - RM doesn't have a good track record...

                1. re: thora

                  I like veggie roti and have always gone to Bacchus (for lack of not knowing other places)Can someone fill me in on the two places (Pam's & Vena's) mentioned in previous posts. I prefer to stay in the uptown/midtown/downtown area...since we live in the Annex a drive to the nether regions would not be a 'spur of the moment' decision (that's usually why we have frequented's a relatively close drive .)

                  1. re: pearlD

                    Pam's Caribbean: 1160 Bloor W, just west of Dufferin

                    Vena's: 1263 Bloor W, just east of Lansdowne (they have asparagus roti)

                    and Queen of Patties is just a few doors over!

                    1. re: Herb

                      Thanks so much Herb...I've made a note and stuck it on the Fridge...will try one or the other this week! BTW is the "Queen of Patties" owned by a woman named Georgina?
                      If it is, she used to be on Vaughn just south of of the few people in town who actually makes her own patties and they are very good!

                      1. re: pearlD

                        that name sounds just about right... she recently raised her prices and now patties are $1.50 rather than $1! the best ones in the city mind you so i hope the quality is staying the same.

                        i didn't like my vena's roti, just too watery with the sauce and no richness. i find the queen of patties to make it quite... crunchy (?!) as it seems a bit rawer than most and rather unusual. love all her other stuff though.

              3. re: thora

                Just had goat roti from Island Foods tonight before Nuit Blanche...I don't recommend it. My friends were less than thrilled with their chicken rotis. Nothing wrong, but nothing memorable.

                Roti Lady on Dunn has MUCH better fillings and Ali's has much better wrappers (parathas, dhal puris, etc.)

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  roti lady still pulling it off well? haven't been in ages but am craving some curry goat.

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    I got a chicken roti from the lady in late August...she cooks the roti to order but the wrapper always seems mysteriously undercooked.

            2. I used to eat there a few summers ago.
              It was tasty, but their jerk chicken roti was spicy in a very untasty way. almost too spicy to eat and the spice killed the flavour.

              in any event, its sad that they closed, since they were indeed an institution.

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              1. re: atomeyes

                Went by yesterday and yes - definitely signs of Restaurant Makeover. So, although they're not closed - it might (will probably be) only be a matter of time...but I've still got hope!

                1. re: thora

                  so has anyone been to Bacchus since it reopened?

                  1. re: airsey

                    Saw the reno but didn't go in. Can't imagine the food's changed much....

                    1. re: koknia

                      Went in shortly after the re-open. Food hasn't changed at all, according to the owner, the RM crew thought her menu was perfect, so there wasn't anything to change.

                      Owner is NOT happy with the renovations. The show did a very shoddy job for $30K, wallpaper's already peeling from the walls, they put cheap stick-on faux wood on the floors and gave her 2nd hand chairs. She seems quite heartbroken over the whole thing : (

                      1. re: jayzie1

                        Looks like a $3000 reno.
                        That show is nasty.

              2. I really miss Island Thyme rotis for vegi rotis. Vegi rotis at most places are kind of an afterthought, even if the rotis are highly recommended in the meat varieties. It's not caribbean style, but now Gandi's is my fave.

                1. Saw this episode last night and I can't see how the woman had cause for complaint. Her restaurant was horrendous before and the food is mediocre. Whoever thought it cost $3000 to renovate it, clearly doesn't know what things cost. She should have been grateful to the designer.

                  I take the TTC by this place all the time and every night now it is PACKED. I highly doubt that owner would have been happy with anything that happened in there. Grumpystilskins.

                  Anyone know of good roti/goat in the east end of the city?

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                  1. re: meatatarian

                    Meatatarian? Are we talking about the same Bacchus Roti on Queen? The owner is one of the sweetest people I've ever dealt with. (the wife)

                    I didn't see the makeover, but I've been in to see the work done. It is definitely an improvement over the previous. The light fixtures don't really seem to fit (IMHO), but the rest was okay.

                    More importantly, the first roti I had after they reopened was the best I'd had from them in years. The roti wrap itself was amazing. The next time I went, it was also good, but I had to travel with it for about 15 minutes, so I can't say that didn't affect the quality somewhat.

                    I just hope they don't fall to the Restaurant Makeover curse.