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Oct 3, 2008 04:30 PM

Walnut Creek Restaurants

My sister just moved to Walnut Creek from the East Coast. I am still back east, and wanted to get her a gift certificate to a fun/good restaurant in/around town for her birthday. She is 25, single, and very outgoing. I am looking for something that will be more casual vs. white tablecloths.

Let me know your suggestions.


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  1. If she is a seafood lover, I would suggest Walnut Creek Yacht Club. They have excellent very fresh seafood, a great selection of raw oysters as well as a good raw bar and fun cocktails.The clam chowder is some of best that I have had here in NorCal. I am originally from New England so I am picky about my chowder. The atmosphere is not formal at all but not a dive by any means. Heavily weighted toward seafood as the name suggests. My mother in law ordered a steak there and while it looked fine, I got the feeling that non seafood items are kind of an afterthought.

    1. chris ruth steak special 3 courses 89$ for 2 persons

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        I must disagree but perhaps I ordered badly, the mixed grill. The steak was, for this board I believe the word is, meh. The crab cake had an off taste. The chicken was good as was the bread pudding. My wife's steak was enjoyed but I can't comment as she ordered it well done. Good price but still high for what was provided.

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          Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Ruth Chris. I also ordered the mixed grill and it was quite good. A lot of food for the money. We also tried the special at Flemings and it was quite good as well. I'm curious as to how long these specials will be available. Probably as long as the economy is in the basement.

      2. Va de Vi may fit the bill. It has a lot of interesting Asian-influenced small plates which are good for sharing, along with some great wines. They have around 15 different wine flights, where you get 3 small glasses of different wines in the same style or varietal to sample. I've found the flights to be a good way to discover new wines or to learn more about what you do and don't like. The atmosphere is loud & lively -- definitely not stuffy.

        Va de Vi
        1511 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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          I second Va De Vi. I think it's a quintessential Northern CA place with a good energy, great food and wine selection.

        2. If she's 25, she might like the Carlos Santana owned Mexican restaurant, Maria Maria. It's a step above the usual combo-plate taqueria. I also agree with Lindarita about Va de Vi.