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Oct 3, 2008 03:10 PM

What do UK'ers use when a recipe calls for plain white vinegar?

Here in the UK I've never seen plain white vinegar in shops. The closest I've seen is white malt vinegar which apparently is very different. Has anyone used this in place of plain white vinegar in a recipe and if so, did it come out OK?


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  1. Do you have white wine vinegar? That is probably what I would use. What are you making?

    1. I agree with Sarah - it would help if we knew what you were making. My question would be, what would you use for making pickles?
      When I lived in London, I seem to recall seeing distilled vinegar, which is what we would call plain white vinegar, but can't really be certain.

      1. Not making anything specific at moment but often see plain white vinegar in recipes and don't know I'm supposed to use. They do sell distilled white vinegar here in the UK (Sarsons brand) but it's distilled malt white vinegar and my understanding is that malt vinegar is made using completely different process than the plain white vinegars available in the US.

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          I'd used distilled white vinegar myself, but it would depend on the recipe. Typically, distilled white vinegar is used for pickling, and cleaning!

          1. re: greedygirl

   I agree, I also use the distilled white vinegar more for cleaning than for cooking. :) To me it looks like the Sarson's distilled white is the same as Heinz's distilled/plain white is in Canada.