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Oct 3, 2008 03:01 PM

Oahu Chowdown- A Week in Review

Just got back from Honolulu this week. Stayed there for 8 days. Ate a lot of food. Here is a brief review of the places we ventured to.

1. Huli Huli Chicken in Ward Warehouse parking lot. I thought it was pretty good. My SO commented that it was not on a long rotating spit but just bbq'd on a grill.
2. Aiea Bowl- The tasty chicken plate was really good. Loco Moco had its moment but I would return for the tasty chicken. This place was really crowded.
3. Liliha Bakery- Coco puffs and malasadas. They had green tea and regular coco puffs. Malasadas were haupia and lilikoi filled.
4. Diamond Head Bakery for breakfast- Had the pork hash and egg, tried the fried rice. Not too impressed with the pork hash patty- too much potato.
5. Kenele's in Waimanalo- Huge mixed plate of kahlua pig, lau lau and bbq chicken. Lau Lau was good. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by.
6. Costco shoyu poke- the fish is very fresh.
7. Char Hung Sut- Manapua, Mai Tai Soo and Pork Hash. How long has this place been around. Everything was fresh and delicious.
8. Nico's- Furikake ahi and roast pork plate. Ahi was delicious. Pork plate was huge.
9. Pineapple Room for dinner- Service was mediocre. I think lunch is the better option here. They were out of the pork chop and shortrib which left big holes in the remaining menu items. Plantation ice tea is still the best here though.
10. Ruger Market- Pipikaula and Port Sausage/Egg Musubi. They ran out of the pipikaula musubi.
11. Leonards- Guava, Haupia and Chocolate malasadas- this is my favorite place for malasadas.
12. Kapahulu Poi Shop- Plate lunch- Poi, Kahlua Pig, Chicken Long Rice.-this was pretty authentic
13. Ono Seafood- Ahi Poke with everything- This was crazy good. I like the spiciness and all the other ingredients that went into this. Made to order.
14. Rainbow Drive In- Boneless Chicken plate with gravy. I thought they used to cut up the chicken tonkatsu style. This one came in one huge piece. Very good still but hard to cut up when you sitting at the beach.
15. Kua Aina Burger- Cheeseburger was good. Really skinny fries were crispy.. Last time fries were limpy. Huge improvement.
16. Shiro- Saimen of course. Always good.
17. Boots and Kimo- Mac Pancakes and Corned beef/Swiss omelet. Pancakes were still good. I liked the Port Sausauge omelet better.
18. Fukuya- Bento C and D. The Fried Chicken was excellent. Crispy and still warm.
19. Island Snow- a little skimpy on the syrup and the ice was coarse.
20. KaKaako Kitchen- Pot Roast Plate and Chicken Linguine. Linguine was nasty. Pot roast ok.
21. Mariposa Restaurant- ahi tuna sandwich w/ porcini fries. Plantation ice tea. Fries were the best part of the meal. You only get Plantation tea the first time. They fill up your glass with passion fruit ice tea the rest of the time.
22. Side Street Inn- Fried Pork Chop, Pocho Clams, Kim Chee Yakisoba. Everything was delicious. Had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. Service was slow but place was packed.
23. Gulicks Deli- Bento A- Fried Chicken was excellent. Next time I will get the Fried Chicken plate instead.
24. Waiola Shave Ice- This is the best. The ice is shaved so fine. Melts in your mouth.
25. Thelma's Restaurant- Thelmas Special- Lechon, Tomatoes, Onion and Soy Sauce. This dish is the bomb. I would kill for this dish.

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  1. socal boy, all I can say is wow! I live here and I haven't eaten at all the places on your list. Thanks for the report.

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    1. re: curiousgeo

      I agree with curiousgeo..... the list of places that you ate within your short vacation time is pretty astounding! Just out of curiosity, did you do extensive research (chowhound?) prior to your vacation to figure out where to go, or did you have a local person guiding you through town?

      If you come back again, try the poke at Tamura's (on Waialae, in Kaimuki) and the ice cream at Bubbie's (off University and King).

      1. re: Aleka

        Did some reseach on Chowhound, used a couple of books-Puka Guide and Oahu Restaurants, and have local contacts.

        I went to Tamura's on a weekday in the morning. They do not make poke until 12 noon. I never heard of Bubbies until recently. I will try on my trip next year.

      2. re: curiousgeo

        I totally agree w/ curiousgeo, haven't been to a few on the list, and now I must!

        Char hung sut is my FAVORITE manapua place! They make the best mai tai soo (can you find it anywhere else?)!

        Next time you're at Diamond Head Market, try their blueberry cream cheese scones! To die for!!!

        Liliha Bakery's under new management. The jury's still out on the quality level. But at least now they take credit cards!

        1. re: KalihiSnob

          I had a bite of the blueberry scone at Diamond Head. That was great.

          I saw someone mention mai tai soo at Char Hung Sut on chowhound. Not knowing what they were, I ordered a few the first time we went there and ordered them again the next we went. These were unique and delicious.

          Do you think the coco puffs at Liliha are getting smaller? It might be me, but I remember the coco puffs were as big as the palm of my hand. Was I imagining this?

          1. re: socal boy

            I think there may be regular and mini coco puffs now so that might be what you notice. Also to answer your question below on the fried half chicken at Rainbow Drive In, I like it and switch between that and the boneless chicken plate. But it is kind of plain, just salt and pepper seasoning, so I usually get a side of gravy with it. Also if they overcook it the meat can be a bit dry. The boneless is pretty consistent there.

      3. I wish I was lunching at Mariposa right now - lobster club deconstructed by me you're right the fries are
        excellent. Often they'll sneak up some of the tobacco onions for me that are now only on the
        Mermaid Cafe' menu - used to be on Mariposa's too and, a Neiman
        Marcus martini with Jamison as my waiter he's the best.

        Keneke's - yum! Wish I had some of the gisantes! Our dog used to love their pork we'd give
        her a nibble at the beach.

        Rainbow's - Oh man, "boneless gravy all over!" my mouth is watering!

        Nico's - wish I were there now too! All this is making me very hungry and makes me think I
        should take the big drive over the mountain more often! Thanks for your notes, sounds like
        you had a great time!

        1. You shua you not local braddah? What a list!

          7. Char Hung Sut has been there forever. Arguably the best steamed maunapua around, for baked go to Royal Kitchen
          14. Rainbow has never cut up the boneless chicken, you are probably thinking of the chicken Katsu at Grace's.
          15. Kua Aina can be iffy on the fries. I sent them back once, they diddn't argue about it.
          20 Kakaako Kitchen is always good... except for the linguine. I only had it once, it was bad then, and I know two other people with the same experience.
          24. Wailola Rocks, both locations, popular (and good) as Matsumoto's is, it cant compare to Waiola's shave ice.
          25. Where is Thelmas?

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          1. re: KaimukiMan

            7. I am going to add Char Hung Sut to the must have list when I go to Honolulu.

            14. I saw that there was a fried chicken plate the day I went. to Rainbow Anyone tried this?

            20. It's funny because the menu at Kakaako Kitchen says that the chicken linguine is an island favorite or something like that.

            25.Thelma's Restaurant
            94-366 Pupupani St
            Waipahu. HI 966797

          2. Terrific post, socal boy.

            I visit Hawaii once a year and wil definitely try some of the places you mentioned. I agree about Pineapple Room. I'd like to try Side Street and Char Hung Sut. I use this board to help plan all my trips.

            If you like Waiola, you might also try Tropicana for shave ice. It's in St. Louis Heights, where Kapahulu and Waialae meet, just mauka of Leonards.
            Definitely try Bubbies for macadamia nut ice cream.
            Also for breakfast we like Koa Pancake house in Kaneohe, but only for breakfast.

            1. Nice to see Kapahulu Poi Shop getting a mention, it's our favorite for Hawaiian food, but not many people (even locals) have ever heard about it.

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              1. re: lilikoigirl

                this is BEYOND excellent. starting with Socal boy's list, I concurrently sought opinion from a local grubbin fiend and came up w/ this map:


                added are 2 Japanese places, and in ( ) are the running commentary from my HI informant.

                thanks so much!