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Oct 3, 2008 02:50 PM

Rizzo's in Glenside closed?

I've driven past Rizzo's at least 5 times in the last week and a half, and they have had signs on their doors saying "Today Closed" the entire time. Anyone know what's going on?

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  1. I hope not! I get pizza from here almost every other weekend and was hoping to continue the tradition until I move out of the area at the end of the month. I might get a pizza on Sunday night so I'll keep you posted if I do get it.

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    1. re: Laura D.

      I tried to get through to Rizzos a few times tonight to order a pizza, but alas no one answered their phone. Hopefully this is just a temporary closing.

      1. re: Laura D.

        Curiouser and curiouser...
        If anyone has further information, I hope they post it here.

        1. re: jeffgh24

          After having spent most of the 60's into the 90's in Glenside, I never thought Rizzo's was great. Greatly overrated maybe, but never great during that period of time at least. For my money I had to go from Ardsley , then Hatboro and now to Southampton for Longhitano's pizza and it is still worth the drive even now living in Delaware County.

          1. re: mischasbrother

            I can't honestly say whether they were great or not, but the half-white sicilian that they offered was the only thing I ever ordered there, and I haven't found a similar pizza elsewhere. The fact that it wasn't a traditional sicilian in texture and shape combined with the half-white aspect made it special. I was uninspired the one time I ate there, and never had any desire to try other items on the menu, but I did love this one via takeout.

            1. re: mischasbrother

              Unfortunately I've found that there are tons of places in the Glenside area and beyond with significantly worse pizza and few with better. I'm not sure what that's worth but there ya go.

      2. I have very fond memories of Rizzo's. I drive by every day on the way home.; I'll have to check it out.

        Rizzo's is a Glenside institution. Back in the '50s, my parents used to drive from Germantown/West Oak Lane to get pizza there -- it was one of only a very very few places you could get the stuff back then. In the '60s, it was THE place to go after a movie date. Local nursery school kids (including mine) got to go on a field trip to Rizzo's to see how pizza was made. The restaurant spawned Sam Rizzo's enterprises: his Italian specialty food shop, once across the street, his catering business, and the stromboli business that many local sports teams use as a fund raiser.

        Our tastes in pizza have changed, maybe refined, over the years, and maybe Rizzo's isn't the best any more. There are so many other choices! I still have a soft spot in my heart for the place, though. It is, after all, the pizza that I grew up with.

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        1. re: PattiCakes

          "Our tastes in pizza have changed, maybe refined, over the years, and maybe Rizzo's isn't the best any more. There are so many other choices! "

          I live in East Mt. Airy and travel to Rizzo's for pizza and would really appreciate some options in the general vicinity (NW Philadelphia and surrounding 'burbs) if you don't mind.


          1. re: Chinon00

            Michaels on Butler Pike in Ambler has awesome pizza. I guess a little far to travel from Mt. Airy but so worth it, especially if you dine in. They have pitchers of beers, and although I try to stay away from them, excellent fries and onion rings.

        2. Drive by, last night (Wed. 10/15). There is now a hot pink sheet of paper taped on the door: "Closed for major renovations".

          1. I had a really good pizza at Earth Bread and Brewery in Mt. Airy tonight. Top rate cheese and a crust that was just yummy. I would have loved just a little more salt and a drizzle of olive oil.


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            1. re: Chinon00

              Not sure how you feel about Sicilian Pizza (it was the thing I always got at Rizzos) but I just ordered a white Sicilian pizza from Cosimos last Sunday night. Though I've lived in Chestnut Hill for over 2 years I had only had Cosimos once or twice, and was not impressed before. However, I really liked the pizza a lot...enough to probably seek it out when I am in the area as I'll be moving out of Chestnut Hill next week. It was a bit pricey...something like $18 for the pizza, but it was very good. As a note, this pizza is not on the menu, but they basically said they could do whatever we wanted when we ordered. I think it was so pricey because my guess is they charged us for the Grandma (i.e. traditional) Sicilian and then charged us for a gourmet topping in order to make it white. I still hope Rizzos comes back, though!

              1. re: Laura D.

                Rizzos, was one of the last pizza joints that offered a crispy crust, not that goopy kind thats all over. You could fold a slice and eat it easily. The sauce was nice and a little spicy. I think it was the best for the price.....if you are comparing a 20.00 gourmet pie with all veggies and disguises....... than thats just something completely different......Im talking a good ole fashion pizza pie! ....A large plain pie at Rizzos was about 9.50........I miss it already!!

                1. re: layla529

                  I should clarify. I wouldn't call the pizza a "gourmet pizza"...I just think that Cosimo's charged me for a "gourmet" topping on their sicilian pizza in order to transform it from the red sicilian pizza listed on their menu to the white sicilian pizza that I wanted. I can't speak for how Rizzo's regular pizza was as I only ever had their sicilian, but this pizza from Cosimos was comparable in terms of thickness, crispness, etc to Rizzo's though it was square and not round. I don't think that either are as crisp or thick as the traditional sicilian pizza I have had elsewhere. Again, I can't speak to it in comparison to Rizzo's non-sicilian pizza, and I can confirm that it was significantly more expensive. Perhaps that's why Rizzo's is no longer in business.