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Oct 3, 2008 02:03 PM

Vegetarian (Fine Dining & Casual) for my 30th!

Hi everyone,

My first post here.

My bf and I will be going to Toronto for a weekend for my 30th bday. First time visitors! Also we are both strict vegetarians (not vegan though).

I'd love to get recommendations for:
1) a fine dining type place with good veg food (I'm considering Perigee..don't know if there are others)
2) other good casual restaurants for the rest of the weekend -- especially interested in veg dim sum/chinese or any other ethnic places.


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  1. Delicious vegetarian Thai at Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen, Danforth just west of Greenwood.

    Vegetarian dim sum at Lotus Pond and Graceful Vegetarian (you can search this board for reviews of each).

    And consider Ethiopian too, where vegetarian platters can be had.

    1. Happy Birthday!

      Being a fairly broke student-type, I'm afraid I can only make recommendations on casual restaurants!

      Thought_for_food is right - for veg dim sum, you will have to go out to Markham! Although King's Cafe (Kensington) does a few dishes, it's very, very minor - though that's a good spot nonetheless. If you're only here for the weekend, you're probably not going to be interested in that long of a trek.

      I've heard brunch at Fressen is tasty, though I've never been myself. The restaurant has a lovely interior.

      For veg Chinese, you could try either King's Cafe in Kensington or Cafe 668 (Dundas West). Both are great spots!
      ETA: and

      You could also head to The Pomegranate (College) for some wonderful Persian food. Though it's not a vegetarian restaurant, they have a few fantastic veg dishes. There was a thread about this restaurant recently - if you decide to go here, do a quick search for some must-order dishes.

      Enjoy! Sounds like fun!

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        You've heard correctly about the brunch at Fressen! Do yourself a favour and try it sometime. For $9.00 you get a huge plate of fresh, amazing food. I personally recommend the tofu scramble griddle. :)

      2. I'm not sure if it's quite "fine dining" enough, but perhaps Mistura? They have a number of great veggie options. I LOVED the Buffala mozzarella appetizer and the beet risotto (though I should note that I'm not vegetarian, so I didn't inquire as to whether there was any chicken stock in the risotto).

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        1. re: torontofoodiegirl

          I'm also a strict vegetarian and I have found that in order to be sure you are getting what you want, you are best going to vegetarian or vegan restaurants. There are just too many people that just don't understand your convictions. Saying that, I'd second (or third) the recommendation for Fressen. No one has yet mentioned Fresh but they are a good choice for a casual meal.

          Check out this site for more options.

          Oh, and Happy Birthday!

          1. re: jeffs101

            I am not strict veg but am predominantly veg.

            I think Fresh is OK for a quick lunch if you're in the area, but I wouldn't recommend it as a place to try to out-of-towners. I find the dishes there to be hit or miss and the value for money isn't great (I think I posted on here before on the Thai salad that cost $16 and was no less than 50% shredded carrot).

            For ethnic you might try Udupi Palace on Gerrard St. East for south Indian vegetarian. There are people who will say the best south Indian veg is out of town, and they may be right, but I haven't treked out there myself. I haven't been to south India, but two of my friends have and say it's authentic (but they are originally from the north). I am sure there are others here who will strongly disagree. Anyway, I like it.

            Most fine dining places will happily accomodate vegetarians, but it is preferable to call them in advance so they have time to plan. I've often eaten lovely veg food at places without a single vegetarian item on the official menu. No establishment worth its salt will try to sneak meat into your meal. (Unlike Tim Horton's, which I was strong-armed into going to this morning by an obstinate colleague. My vegetarian sandwich was served with sausage. I took it back and asked for vegetarian, and they gave me one with bacon! So needless to say, you can give old Timmy's a miss.)

            1. re: jeffs101

              Oh yes, how could I forget about Fresh? The last time I was there, I literally stuffed myself because I just couldn't help it. I started with their homemade spicy tomato soup and cornbread, proceeded with their amazing Buddha Bowl and finished everything off with some delicious vegan carrot cake. Oh, how I miss being in Ontario!!! :)

          2. Definitely try Fressen. As far as I know, it's really the only choice for a "nice" vegetarian restaurant in Toronto and the dinner selection is great and very tasty. However, the one time I tried it for brunch, I wasn't impressed. There are many good vegetarian restaurants in Toronto but they're much more on the casual side, for example, I like Fresh or Get Real for veg. brunch.

            I was just looking at the menu for Perigree and it doesn't look that veg-friendly to me (given that all main courses centre around meat or fish main ).

            1. Fressen and Fresh are both great. Fressen is not a place for a quick meal - but if you like who you are with, dont mind the long wait and want to enjoy a vegetarian feast - it is a great place. Fresh is good too - food is a bit more basic.

              Another great place is Gourmet Vegetarian - they do a great dim sum. Only down side is that it is in Richmond Hill (280 West Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 22-23).

              Happy Birthday and Happy Eating!