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Oct 3, 2008 02:01 PM

G'vannis of the North End comes to .......

BILLERICA. Yup, we'v got G'vannis open now in Billerica in the former Amici's restaurant...and former Indian Village. I don't believe they are serving alchohol yet... I guess something with the liquor license, so booze will be available in a few weeks. There were plenty of people there. I've had their "veally good deal" meal in the north end a few times. I was stuck in traffic and looking for cheap eats until traffic moved along. In N/E the deal was 2 dinners & a bottle of wine for $27 or $29. Not 5 Star dining, but a serviceable meal whilst waiting for Route 93 N. to become "unstuck". It'll be interesting to see how it does in

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  1. I consider G'Vanni's to be 1 of the poorer options in the NE. I've done that $27/wine/ dinner meal once and wouldn't go back for it.

    1. My husband and I brought our 5-year-old son to G'Vannis in Billerica tonight. What a big mistake! The service was the slowest I have ever seen. I"m not sure if it's because they just opened a few weeks ago and are understaffed or what, but from the time we sat until the time we left it was 2 hours!! It was hard on us as adults, nevermind a 5-year-old. The food was good when we got it, but definitely not worth waiting that long. The waitress passed the blame onto the kitchen staff, but she also took 20 minutes to ring up our bill and package our leftovers. We were really disappointed. We were hoping to find a good North End style restaurant closer to home. I dont' think we'll be returning anytime soon, unless we have hours on end to spare!

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        Well the service has not changed Slow ... Slower and uneven. On the plus side food was good
        but will not go back unless we had the night to kill and maybe bring a snack for the wait.
        Two waitresses, a hostess, a buss boy, and a manager, for 8 occupied tables at the most, and still people left because the wait was too long just to have someone take their drink order.
        I did see a first .. Just about every customer in the place was waiting for there food except the manager who chose to eat at a table and snap a other members of the staff not to be disturbed. This was at 8 in the evening.. prime dinner time. Seems she couldn't wait an hour or eat before the rush. If there is going to be a long wait the staff should explain before that the kitchen is backed up, to set the expectations. They should never say the dinners will be right out then disappear for 15 minutes. Too bad the food was worth going back for but the service and the wait isn't worth it. They will need to fix these issues if they want to stay in business.
        A talented chef alone is not enough.

      2. The original comment has been removed