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Oct 2, 2003 05:59 PM

WLA breakfast help.

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Leaving the suburbs and heading to LA for the weekend and a wedding. Staying in Beverly Hills area (Century Plaza Hotel on hotwire is cheap!) and would like a good breakfast on Sunday morning. The only qualities it needs to possess are:

Good for hangovers....I hate weddings and plan on swimming my way through this one.

Filling. Wedding food generally stinks so I should be hungry after imbibing 1000 cocktails to avoid dried chicken in a lemon cream sauce.

Creative or down and dirty. I am up for anything like Roscoe's or even a good cesos taco so I would like to try something unique.

Any ideas for a suburb boy in the big city?

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  1. man am I glad I didn't invite you to MY wedding!! someone put a lot of love and hard work into this event you're planning on hating, not to mention a lot of money into that open bar you're planning on swimming through.

    aaaaanyway. for breakfast in the BH area, good choices are John O'Groats and Clementine.

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    1. re: HapaGirl

      hahaha.....criticism duly taken, however, it is my brother's wedding and I am paying for the booze. :)

      Thanks for the tips....

      Jaded in OC

      1. re: oc boy

        hee, hee, I sorta like your refreshing curmudgeonly attitude. Chow-wise, people on the board like Amuse on Main St in Venice for their Sunday brunch. FYI:It was just reviewed in the LA Times yesterday, which means you may be queuing up with a throbbing noggin, but the bracing salt air might do you good.

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          no worries :) I was just secretly hoping you had an AMAZING time at the wedding and had to eat your words along with the tasty breakfast! ;)

          1. re: HapaGirl

            It is going to be family, how can I have an amazing time?!? ;)

            Any other good eateries?

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              further west, I like Le Marmiton, Blue Plate, Coral Tree Cafe, and Blueberry. But these are more "cute" than "down and dirty" as you mentioned...

              however, I can definitely vouch for each of these places as good hangover spots!

        2. re: HapaGirl

          Stay calm, Hapa...


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            I uhh fourth the vote for John O'Groats =) .. It's near your hotel and a charming breakfast spot even though the wait can be killer sometimes .. Get their pecan buckwheat pancakes and mixed juices .. I think there was a thread awhile back on it (search for Rancho Park?) .. Blueberry is decent but located in Santa Monica and still a long wait .. The only redeeming thing are the little blueberry muffins they give you but only one a person!

          2. Ocean Park Cafe across from Coffe Bean & TL on Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica. A dive with the best chorizo omlete, with jack cheese and scallions. Order with extra chorizo. It has enough grease and flavor to soak up at many free radicals as you will have still foating through your abused system. About 3 blocks west of Bundy on the north side of the street.

            Or Pepey Galley in the Mar Vista Bowling Alley on the corner of Venice Blvd. and Grandview. Another semi dive with copious amounts of oil oozing out of the breakfast potatoes and some really good sourdough toast.

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            1. re: WLA

              Yep, hangover went as planned (with the help of my hotel bartender, after a swimmingless wedding, Jahleel) and Ocean Park Cafe was the ticket. Good food, pretty quick service and just as advertised. Got there early and greased up for a long day. ;)

              BTW, stay at the Century Plaza if you have a chance and tip Buck, the door man, well. He will take care of you more than you can imagine.

              1. re: oc boy

                Glad to know that you survived the wedding boozefest, and you get the very highest kudos that a fellow CH can bestow for actually coming back and posting about your dining experience based off a rec, (which is a more rare and valued thing than you might think).

            2. Clementine isn't open on Sundays.
              John O'Groat's is the best suggestion.
              Actually, John O'Groat's before 9am is the best suggestion. -- jordan

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              1. re: jcwla

                John O'Groats is indeed good, but just thinking about the lines and crowd gives me a hangover.

              2. Roscoes. Chicken and waffles is the best hangover breakfast imaginable. They also have good egg dishes. Just go east on Pico; it's just before LaBrea on your right. Don't be intimidated by the after church crowd; the wait isn't usually as bad as it looks.

                1. Every suggestion is a good one -- the Hounds have just about covered all the bases. I'd only add two:

                  1. Nate n' Als -- classic Bev Hills jewish deli. Go if you're hungry for lox and eggs or matzo brei.

                  2. Pacific Dining Car, Santa Monica. If you want a different kind of breakfast experience, go here. The only downside is that its expensive -- figure on spending $20 or so for breakfast. But you won't find a breakfast this nice too often. Basically its a white tablecloth steak house that's open for breakfast. So you get a real nice table seting, real fresh oj, PRIME steak and eggs and so on. The roast beef hash is made with prime beef. Good bacon, real nice ham. In addition to the traditional Eggs Benedict they also have Eggs Sardou (same as Benedict, but on Artichoke bottoms) and Eggs Blackstone (on grilled tomatoes). Its also the only place I know of in LA you can find Joes Special, which I think was invented
                  in San Francisco -- sausage or hamburger scrambled with eggs, onions and spinach. Some darn fine eatin'.