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Oct 3, 2008 01:32 PM

Dinner near Winterthur

We've visiting Winterthur on Sunday and I'm looking for recommendations for somewhere nearby to have an early dinner.

We're open to any cuisine and entrees in the $20's are okay.

I'm looking for atmosphere appropriate for a 40ish couple and my mother.

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  1. Drive right past Buckley's in Centerville and head for Sovana Bistro, just outside Kennett Square. Sovana Bistro opens for dinner at 4:30 on Sundays, and it sounds like it's just what you're looking for. It's less than 15 minutes from Winterthur. And although they now have a liquor license, you can still bring in your own wine.

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      Another possibility, but south on 52 rather than northwest, is Toscana in Wilmington. It would also be about 15 min, just in the other direction. Same price range. I don't think you can bring your own, though. Italian, in case the name did not make it obvious.

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        This is Monday so the original poster has been to dinner. If you decided on Toscana, please post the results. My wife and I had lunch there just over a year ago. The frozen peas in our minestrone hadn't thawed. As it was summer, I tried the signature lemonade. Worst lemonade I ever had. Must have been the B team on duty for lunch that day.

    2. I concur on Sovano.....but it is a bit further. It's located on Route 82, so you have to take 52 north to route 1, west/south on route 1 until it is a divided highway and then the first exit (turn right and go about 2 miles) Total trip time from Winterhur weill be 20-25 minutes each way

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        I forgot to menttion that on this Sunday, there is a local 4-H fair going on near there, so traffic may a bit more than normal

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          I believe that's the Unionville Community Fair you're referring to. It's being held at Willowdale this year, just across Rt. 926 from Sovana Bistro. It's a great event, well worth seeing before dinner.

      2. Try Bistro on the Brandywine.

        Can't tell what time they open on Sunday, so you'll have to call if the online menu appeals to you.

        I've heard good reports.

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          Bistro on the Brandywine is hit or miss and verrrry loud. Pizza by Elizabeth's is about two miles from Winterthur and has good salads and pizzas. Sovana Bistro's good but a bit of a drive. Toscana is nothing special and involves a trek into Wilmington.

        2. I would suggest Krazy Kats, which is "behind" Winterthur in Montchanin. From the Winterthur entrance on Route 52, make a left heading south on 52. Go straight to Route 82, about a mile, make a left on 82, and it will take you into the entrance to The Inn At Montchanin. Krazy Kats is to your right when you have entered the Village, and there is a parking lot on your left. It is a restored village of "company houses" from the old DuPont powder mill, now "hotel rooms", and KK's is located in the old blacksmith shop. It is also on the historic register; beautiful village and restaurant. Now for the food: we have never been disappointed, recently had dinner there on a Monday night, and it was excellent in all aspects. I believe if a restaurant can perform well on an "off night", it speaks volumes.
          The decor is very whimsical, but very elegant, and the food is outstanding. I agree Sovana is great, but I think this is a step up; both fun and serious food, with a good wine list. Hope you have a great time!

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          1. re: Dave H

            Krazy Kats -- YES! Funny how I almost never think of that place when I'm considering restaurants in the area. But that's definitely a winner. And the location is perfect for you.

          2. Try the Mendenhall Inn. Very nice traditional menu and you and your mother will love it (mine did). It's less than 10 minutes from Winterthur, on Route 52 going North . Sundays they give 1/2 off all bottles of wine. They also have a Sunday brunch but I'm not sure what hours. They are well rated by Zagat.

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              MY mother would probably like it, too. As for me, I'd pass up the Mendenhall Inn in favor of almost anywhere else.

              1. re: CindyJ

                Second the pass on Mendenhall Inn. I've had the misfortune of going there for several work-related functions, and the food/atmosphere just scream "clams casino" to me. Very blah. Krazy Kat's is a very good suggestion.