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Oct 3, 2008 01:26 PM

Review: Blu Burger Grille, N. Scottsdale

Stopped into Blue Burger Grille in N. Scottsdale the other night. I've been wanting to try this place since it opened a couple months ago. I've heard from a couple people who have been there that it was "okay" but not great but I wanted to see for myself. Apparently there are a couple other locations as well. News to me as I thought this was a brand new concept and had never seen any reviews/comments about it here.

The restaurant itself is located in a strip mall-type setting with the frontage being the first one off of Scottsdale Rd. The interior is, well ... blue. Lots of it. There are several tables inside ( guessing it seats about 40-50 ) and a patio outside with several more tables and some heat lamps for those chilly Scottsdale winter evenings. First impression is that the owner/s haven't finished decorating. The space doesn't have much character to it but to each their own and besides, I was there for the food.

I took a seat at the end of the bar counter, right next to the brand new gelato "display" ( I'll get to that ... ). 3 beers on tap: Stella, Bud Light, and Fat Tire I believe. I ordered a Stella and picked up the menu. At first glance it reminded me a bit of Delux with the way the menu was setup but after reading it I realized that I was in a restaurant that resembled a "little brother" of the Burger Bar in Las Vegas - of which I'm a huge fan. You pick your protein ( Angus, Bison, Kobe, Salmon, Turkey, Veggie ), your bun ( handcrafted ), and your toppings which are divided up into categories: "Cheese", "From the Fields", "Special Sauces", and "Specialty Ingredients". I decided on an Angus Burger, MR, with Onion Bun, Provolone, Sauteed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, and a Fried Egg - no burger is truly complete without an over easy/medium fried egg on it, IMO. The burgers are served with your choice of one side: greens, coleslaw, skinny fries, or sweets. Being the sweet potato fanatic that I am, of course I chose the amber-hued strips of heaven.

The burger was a great value. Very generous portion. It may have been just a tad overcooked but it was still juicy and retained great flavor. The toppings were great - the mushrooms sauteed perfectly, the onions caramelized well, and the egg was almost perfectly sized to sit on top of it all. The sp fries were great! Not too skinny to where you couldn't taste any flavor and not too fat to where they get soggy and un-frylike. I opted for a side of the Roasted Red Pepper Mayo for dipping. They were great. I liked them just as much as the sp fries at Delux without the inordinately long drive down to the Camelback Corridor.

Since it was literally RIGHT THERE and I had been eyeing the display all evening long, I had to try some of the homemade gelato. He had probably close to a dozen flavors but I opted for the Stracciatella. It was really tasty! Not to mention a great way to end a heavy burger-style meal.

Overall I really like this place and will definitely head back to try some different combinations. Burger Bar has A LOT more options for toppings and whatnot but without having to actually be in Las Vegas, this place is pretty good.

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  1. Are you referring to the location at Scottsdale & Greenway-Hayden Loop, or is there another location in N. Scottsdale? B/c the Scottsdale/GH Loop location has been open for at least a couple of years, not a couple months.

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    1. re: mdepsmom

      The Summit at Scottsdale
      32409 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 109
      Tel: 480-575-8040

      1. re: azbirdiemaker

        thanks -- I hadn't realized they opened another location. I work half a mile from the original one and have yet to try it . . . one of these days!

    2. Thanks for the review, there's one opening by me in Chandler and I assumed it would be some kind of sports bar, but this sounds like a place I might actually try.

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      1. re: yamalam

        Where will the one in Chandler be? I don't se any mention of that on thier website.... it sounds like an interesting place.

        1. re: achicken

          AJ's Shopping Center at Alma School and Chandler Heights

      2. I thought it was just mediocre when I tried it a few months back.