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Oct 3, 2008 12:58 PM

Mariscos stands/trucks

Can anyone recommend any mariscos stands or trucks??? I am looking for some great ceviche, seafood tacos, etc... Preferably on the eastside...but will venture west!! Thank you!

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  1. antonio runs a truck called the "isla bonita" he parks on the south side rose ave. west of lincon blvd. and east of main st. in venice.... he is there every day except thursday and he makes incredible ceviche tostadas!!! the best!!!! they are 2 bucks a pop and are worth every penny.... he also has great tacos... tortas... etc... etc.... check him out...

    1. There's a great truck on weekends and holidays at Sycamore Grove park (on Figueroa, in Highland Park). Go to the one that is white, with blue writing, not the one that is blue, with white writing. Sounds confusing, but you'll know which one to choose by the line of loyal customers. Their cocteles and tostadas mixtos are delicious. Helps that they're lovely people, too.

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        The two seemed pretty similar as far as I could tell (in terms of tostadas mixtas, that is). The one parked further south (blue?) serves hot cocteles, which are nice come winter. My only complaint with this one is that their tostada shells seem old, as the oil has a funny (rancid?) flavor... like that of paint.

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          Is this white truck in Highland Park still around these days? I've been craving a shrimp and octopus coctel.

        2. hey guys - looking for the same thing and since it has been awhile, looking to revive the thread.

          Mariscos Jalisco is pretty well known about. A search off of Yelp pulled these trucks rather quickly:

          Cuyutlan Colima Marisco Truck
          2238 E 1st St
          Los Angeles, CA 90033
          Boyle Heights

          Rico’s Mar Azul Mariscos Truck
          4702 N Figueroa St
          Highland Park, CA 90042

          Mariscos 4 Vientos
          3000 E Olympic Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90023

          Mariscos Muchoacon
          Vermont Ave & 5th St
          Los Angeles, CA
          Koreatown, Wilshire Center

          El Hamecla Mariscos Truck
          1360 Rose Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90291

          Guillen’s Mariscos El Guero Taco Truck & Seafood
          6136 W Manchester Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 9004

          Mariscos Taco Truck -aka Sisco’s
          S.E. corner of Centinela Ave. and Venice Blvd.
          Los Angeles, CA 90066

          Mariscos Maria Catering Truck
          2241 S Vermont Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90007
          Phone number (323) 731-3108

          Curious to see if anybody on here can vouch for these guys as well. Have yet to eat raw oysters off a street corner in LA and this needs to be rectified quickly!!

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            Rico's is still there although I prefer Mariscos Jalisco or 4 Vientos on Olympic